Vitebsk prosecuted for willful destruction of historical monuments

According to a senior investigator regional prosecutor’s office Dmitry Rudakov, this is the first criminal case in the Vitebsk region, instituted for infringement Republic of Belarus "On the protection of historical and cultural heritage." Guilty of violating the law threatens the restriction of freedom for a term of 2 to 5 years, or imprisonment from 3 to 12 years.
In an interview with the emperor learned Rudakov said that a criminal case was brought on 14 September. But the offense, which became the basis for this, took 4 months back. And first regional prosecutor refuses not that start criminal case, but even conduct proceedings.
From 11 to 16 May, at Freedom Square during ground works using special equipment were damaged remains of the buildings of the complex of St. Nicholas Cathedral, built in the 18th century and destroyed th buried underground in 1957. According to experts, the damage was done historical and cultural values of the 2nd category, relating to the most valuable, unique monuments of history and culture.
As in Liberty Square appeared first pit in which to be seen remains of the cathedral, special council culture Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Nina Suletskaya immediately wrote a letter to the regional prosecutor. Response expected week and all this time on the area worked smoothly zemlyaryynaya appliances. Says Ms. Suletskaya:
"To our pochetaemye municipalities doing their duties, this violation of the law could not be! But they did not react. And only a week later came the answer from the prosecution. And the answer is very weird — with the questions" Who’s Suletskaya? "" And what she turns to us? "Then I sent all the documents to the Ministry of Culture. Written there in the republican prosecutor’s office. Was only later in Vitebsk received a letter that the General Prosecutor’s Office after the proclamation of the Ministry of Culture has ordered the Vitebsk regional prosecutor’s office to deal with this matter . "
According to Ms. Suletskoy, bookmark communications in areas protected historic zone "Vitebskvodokanalu" ordered city council. And not because it’s time to fix tipo sewer network, as explained to journalists bureaucrats. And so, that there planned to build a youth entertainment center that has to perform a local businessman Alexander Danilov.
Against the construction of this center for several months protesting Vitebsk public activists. But while all of the instances, including of the regional prosecutor’s office, there are reports that in the buffer zone will not build anything.
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