Vitebsk: Tatiana complaint Seviarynets Regional Tribunal considers

Mother of a prominent politician, teacher Russian language highest category with almost 35 years of experience fired from his job in high school number 40 Tipo for truancy.
In late March, she wrote a statement on vacation at his own expense, signed by the head of the district education department Vladimir Shloma. But through several days He removed his own decision, and returned from vacation, Tatiana Seviarynets found that "skipped" 6 working days.
Dismissal from work she considers a conscientious pressure from the administration Pershamajski district education department for its opposition political views.
• Tatiana Seviarynets out of the official trade union, 14.06.2007 • The Tribunal refused Tatiana Seviarynets in reinstatement,, 18.06.2007 • Tatiana Seviarynets: "The Tribunal is not lost, I lost it!", 18.06. 2007

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