Vladimir Orlov

Tuesday, 25 September, and 19 pm Minsk time on the site of Liberty accomplished online conference with the writer, creator of the book "Freedom Names" Vladimir Orlov.

Graduated from the historical faculty of the Municipal Institute, participated in samizdat almanac "Milavitsa" and "Blue Lantern". First book was published in 1986. Creator of more than 20 books of prose, poetry, essays, and historical essays. Awarded the Medal Skarina (1991), winner of the Literary Prize Frantisek Bogushevich Belarusian PEH-center. Since 1988, member of the Board "Martyralegu Belarus." After the formation of the Belarusian Popular Front, October 30, 1988, together with Zenon Pozniak made during a rally in Kurapaty, which was ruthlessly dispersed by police.

Vice-president of the Belarusian PEN Center.

Works translated into 20 in 5 languages. Beloved classes: Ride in Polotsk and Worldwide, talk with friends over a glass of wine reddish, laugh with, that laughter is worth.

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