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Polling station number 510 is housed in Minsk Radio Engineering Institute. There are constantly on duty policeman and two members of the precinct commission. Commission Chairman Parafianovich Tamara says that premature vote is very intense:
"We are voting residents of the area, the people who go on the weekend days of cottages and now take the opportunity of early voting. Addition, the students — the inhabitants of the hostel Radio Engineering Institute, Institute of Communications, as students of BSU Informatics and Radio Electronics. Practically speaking, intensely vote first students. In total, two-thirds — are students and one — the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Somewhere 45 percent have already voted. "
In Kolas constituency number 106 registered candidates for deputy Galina Polyanskaya — incumbent member of the House of Representatives, two members of the 2-communist parties: Yuri Resurrection — the Communist Party of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin — the Party of Communists Belarusian. For a couple of minutes in the box marked "Early voting" ballots dropped about 10 ka young people: Correspondent
"Here you have voted early. Why now and not in the Sunday, September 28th?" Student:
"That weekend was free because Sunday is no time to come and vote." Student:
"We’re going home." Correspondent
"You often drive?" Student:
"Almost every weekend." Correspondent
"Early vote why?" Student:
"Because." Correspondent
"If not a secret for anyone?" Student:
"Yes, it’s a secret. I do not want to answer this question." Correspondent
"And what a day off on Sunday the 28th, why do not you vote?" Student:
"I’m going home. Nonresident I". Student:
"On Sunday, I would be embarrassed to go to the polls." Correspondent
"Either you were asked to vote early?" Student:
"Well, at-at … ask at all …" Correspondent
"How many of your friends have already voted?" Student:


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