Voted early — and dig potatoes!

Polling station number 524 is placed in the educational building number 8 of the Belarusian State Technical Institute. Here students vote BSTU living in dormitories. Not many people in the morning, come to very few. And the second half, when the occupation ended — turn people on 40. At a table with a sign "observers" no one. I talk with students who are queuing up for your newsletter.
Correspondent"Why are you all early voting, such a queue here — 30 people!"
Vote"Home food", "To the parents leave," "I come from another town," "On Sunday, holiday, hunt to stay at home."
Correspondent"And you know your constituency candidates?"
Woman"No, I do not know."
Youth"No, I do not know, not interested."
Correspondent"How will you vote for whom?"
Woman"And so, at random."
Correspondent"Election — September 28. Why now come to vote?"
Youth"Maybe the 28th we did not get much more the day off, and on Friday we were freed from the occupation."
Correspondent"What, on Friday and Saturday classes will not?"
Youth"I do not know, we uttered that released. Chieftain said."
Student"If you write a statement and say that I was going to vote early, then let me go."
Guy"So, the leader in vyznat deputy dean, said that on Friday — Saturday released."
I talk with the chairman of the PEC Vladimir Khotyanovich:
Correspondent"Enough is busy on the site, even now all worth it. Why?"
Khotyanovich"Not only now turn: yesterday it was the turn, and tomorrow will be a queue. Our students — law-abiding people, realize that you need to give a voice for any candidate. "
Correspondent"Why certainly for a few days?"
Khotyanovich"On Sunday, many are leaving, we have a large portion of non-resident."
Correspondent"But that will not be classes on Friday and Saturday?"
Khotyanovich"If a student signs a statement and he is released, he can go home."
The chairman of the Commission explains that many students move to help their parents to dig potatoes. To do this, you only need to write to the dean. Management goes to meet and sign statements without problems. Interviews with the students of the Faculty of Automobile and Tractor, who asked not to call his name:
Correspondent"At other times, could just as easily sign a statement and not go to class?"
Youth"I think it is unlikely. And just at the moment, since the election, leaflets, stickers with the word" boycott "- everywhere. At least some ordinary day is not much sign. And just at the moment, we have massively written statements and wore the leader to sign a few pieces, in batches. Even the most do not need to go, the elder handed and all. what, service! "

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