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Belarus — Central election commission sitting Minsk, 04Sep2008

Belarus — Alyaksandar Klaskouski, the editor analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week", Minsk 11Jan2008

"Revolution now not take place"
Own eyes on the election campaign chief editor offers analytical bulletins company BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski.

Shklovschina: found evidence of election fraud

Shklou member Electoral Commission Peter Migursky a symbol of protest came from its structure. He states that witnessed how going to falsify the election results.
Mogilev watching expelled from the polling station
Observer-independent Boris Buhelya removed from the premises where the members of the precinct commission number 95 Mogilev-Kastrychnitski neighborhood counted votes. According to the supervisor, he tried to remove the video move count.
"The opposition will have to adjust its political niche"
Own eyes on the newest area and prospects of the opposition after the elections offer our columnist Vitaly Tsigankov.
"My will was not to play this game"
Recently the elections we offered our students to become public and Liberty correspondents report on the details of those voting and the electoral process, which do not comply with the law. Now we were contacted by a teacher from the village Krasnopole Rosson district Yales Yazhevich and said that he had decided not to participate in elections.
Analysts’ estimates
Political analysts commented first results of the elections and predict developments.
Vitebsk beat Vladimir Bazan
Valery Buffalo: "Elections were not held, hosted their boycott"
Secretary of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Valery Buffalo convinced: "Today we can say with certainty is that the boycott of the electoral farce took place."
On October Square — policemen in civil
Our correspondent.
VIOLATION saw? Write to us! Discussion on Freedom of Elections held in all 110 local area.
At 18.00 warehouse turnout 66.7% reported
Turnout in the regions:
Brest region — 64.2%
Vitebsk region. — 77.4%
Grodno region. — 66.8%
Gomel region. — 69.7%
Mogilev region. — 69.1%

Belarus — Syarhey Kalyakin, Belarusian communists leader, 02May2008

Sergei Kalyakin: I think the turnout was drawn
According favorite PKB observers impression that there is a "secret military operation."

World — Mobile phone, 25Apr2006

SMS message to the number "Liberty" +375 293912224:

"I am now working" Vaŭkavysk Materials "said that if the workers do not vote, they would be punished."

Belarus — Premature act of completion of elections, 28Sep2008

For some observers, the elections have already been
Watch the UDF, Maxim Gubarevichu, on a plot number 19 in Grodno managed to get on the electoral act, signed by one of the observers.

Azerbaijan — Cartoon / Author: Rashad Sherif

Opinion poll: 52% for the configuration in Belarus
Findings of the survey registered in Lithuania independent Institute of Socio-economic and political research.
Elections in regions: Chronicle violations

Nearly three thousand observers from the opposition political parties, organizations and movements observed the voting process now in Belarus.

Observers complain about violations of Vitebsk
Are independent observers must apply to prosecutors because election commissions shall be removed to cooperate with them.

Allied observers saw no violations
Observers from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia did not see any violations of the law in the process of voting.

In Borisov at the point of exit trade before the polling station number 43 electoral neighborhood of 63 people choked barbecue.
Gallery: Voting in Minsk region

Survey in Minsk: What are your hopes for this election?

Poll: If you became a deputy, which want to solve the problem first?

Candidate from the UDF Sergei Antusevich running in Grodno Central surrounded by number 50. He said that at a polling station in 4 Kaloskim park, according to official data, enrolled to vote at home 320 voters, from the beginning

Belarus — Parlament election. Minsk 28sep2008
Guest post from our website, observing at one of the polling stations electoral neighborhood Esenin number 100 Yuri Novitsky.
Borisov: CIS observers refused to fix the violation
On a plot number 22 in Borisov where was not allowed to observe the trustee Anatol Bukas, attended by observers from the CIS.

Representatives of the United Democratic Forces stated that the House of Representatives will be selected as a result of illegitimate electoral process.

Preliminary results of the election chairman of the Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina promises to announce in the first half of the night.
"What elections — we have beheld them"

Poll in Gomel: What are your hopes for this election, and if you were a deputy, which prepyadstviya want to solve first?
Listen: "The main thing that was good earnings"
Poll in Grodno:

What are your hopes this election? If you were a deputy, what difficulties would solve first?

Now at the polls voted Stanislav Shushkevich, Alexander Kozulin and Anatoly Lebedko.
  *** According to the disk imaging 14 hours in elections
assumed the role of more than 50%
people made the ballot.
This was said by the CEC. Overall turnout for 14 hours on September 28, taking into account 26 percent of early voters, was 50.3 percent.

"Elections were many, nothing has changed completely"

Poll in Grodno: Do you hope that after the elections in the country may occur configuration? The deputies were you, what prepyadstviya want to tackle first?

"Lays down no hope for this election"

The survey on the streets of Mogilev: "What are your hopes for this election, and if you were a deputy, which want to solve the problem of first?"
Gallery: How to vote and family Kazulins Mikhalevich

A. Lukashenko voted on its own plot with the younger offspring Kolenka

A. Lukashenko voted on its own plot with the younger offspring Kolenka

Grodno in the area of pro-regime leaflets only candidate
Independent candidate Sergei Kuzmenok, who is running in the Grodno-Zanemanskaya constituency N49, lamented the Election Commission acts plot N15.
Lukashenka: "Life is short-lived opposition"

In our own polling favorite UCP Anatol Lyabedzka said that the opposition does not recognize the new parliament, even if there will be a few of its activists.
12 hours 39.2% of voters voted
According to the CEC, turnout 12 hours was almost 40 percent (including 26% of people who voted early).
Lukashenko for the opposition in parliament. But not today

Policemen in civilian cars are in paezdu and landing in Minsk apartment rented by one of the favorites of "Young Front" Artur Finkevich.

Information about breaking the law in one of the polling stations Bobruisk that Tipo did, according to the chairman of the CEC Lidia Yermoshina, observers from the OSCE has not been confirmed.

SMS message to the number "Liberty" +375 293912224: "There are countries where you can come to the polls without a passport, another ordained how i vote. Denis"
Voted more than 2 million voters
10 hours 29.9% of the electorate voted. Given premature. Said about this, the CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina.
Yarmoshyna: "OSCE observers have thrown off the ballot box and thrashed her legs"

CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina accused OSCE observers in violation of the law at the polls. Claims to the observers from CIS Yarmoshyna not.
In the district commission ballots printed on Xerox
"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" report that watching the BPF in the district electoral commission Kalinowski neighborhood Minsk fixed number 108, as chairman of the district commission number 108 printed ballot papers at Xerox.
"In the Mon people still did not know about premature vote"
Grodno region of 13 constituencies in seven uncontested elections. Observers note that this year, more than ever, the highest figure is announced early voting, although so far it is not clear how many people took part directly in the premature vote in Grodno.
Situation in Minsk will be kept under control 40 cameras

Police found in Minsk additional 40 camera — the head of the operational headquarters situationally MIA Eugene Paludzen. "We are ready to provide order and prevent the commission of crimes"
Candidate was not on the lists

Independent parliamentary candidate Sergei Kuzmenok came to vote in the 28th precinct in Grodno, but found himself and his wife in the lists of voters.
Observers point to coercion on premature vote
Coordinator of observers from the United Democratic Forces Bukhvostau Alexander said about the first recorded violation.
V.Gorbachev: "In areas appeared" tsihary "Minsk"

A candidate for the House of Representatives election Borisov city surrounded by number 62 Viktor Gorbachev said, "Freedom" at polling stations in the town appeared so called "tsihary" from Minsk.
Kalyakin: "On Saturday night replaced newsletters»

"This provides the highest percentage of early voters in the whole country, and in my constituency. As we understand, in the night from Friday to Saturday was held substitution ballots because premature vote — it’s odd for the authorities. "


A.Buhvostov: nothing has changed
"It’s all in a style that exists in Belarus, when trying to rub all po
ints that Tipo have any changes that we all give equal rights, equal rights but no no."
Early vote more than 26% of voters
From September 23 to 27 early vote more than 26% of voters. It is much more than in the last elections of the House.

"These elections can hardly be recognized by the West"

Last political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin said Freedom, that the West might not recognize today’s Belarusian elections. "But it can be approved by a number of mitigating things that pointed to a positive achieved in these elections."
5 days in early voting voted more than 26% of voters. CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina predicts the overall turnout of 60-70 percent.
Sorry for the Code, that the elections were held, shall vote more than 50% of voters.
In the House of Representatives elections involved 70 candidates from a list of the United Democratic Forces. 32 deputies serving the House of Representatives again running for parliament. For deputy mandates argue and 59 ladies.
New record premature vote
"All drive on early elections!"
Half a million votes
Premature vote: observation blind
Voters after the voting do not remember the names of candidates
"As long as the struggle is for previously set zero"
One for the boycott, others for the role …

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