Vox-pop: Minskers alarming rise in prices for all products

Reporter: "Rising prices for products or services which worries you the most?"
Guy: "Certainly, on public transport. For I am a student from out of town. And if you go, it is very tangible for the pocket."
Lady: "Drugs. What else can I worry? And food. And rent. Only medicines and rent take virtually the entire pension. Remains at 100 thousand per month — live. "
Guy: "For rent. Myself I rented an apartment, and it is very expensive. If you associate with funds that pay my friends who live in the dorm. "
Lady: "Rent, naturally. A youth as hard, what the problem with housing!"
Man: "On all products. Due to the fact that the price increase on their outpacing wages."
Woman: "For food and odezhku. Salary is not enough. If you still live with your family, it is easier. And if the man himself lives and has to pay the rent, feed, clothe, then it is very difficult. "
Guy: "On transport. Especially since that at the moment abolish benefits for students. And it will be very difficult for us. "
Reporter: "Rising prices for products or services which worries you the most?"
Man: "In life. For life precious."
Lady: "The fare because students overturned a reduced fare."
Man: "For products, naturally. For our family personally 70 percent wage goes specifically for food."
Lady: "On products. After all, I have a family, and this worries me. Virtually all earnings spent on food. And because something hunt and dress, makeup hunt brother to not age at all. And it all means necessary ".
Guy: "On the drive. For students, especially those who are trained on paid departments, the growth in prices for travel will be very perceptible."
Man: "I think that is the fuel — petrol and gas. Certainly, this is the most urgent problem. And then, of course, there is food, etc.. This chain can be continued indefinitely."

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