Vox-pop: the world estranged from war or close?

Man: "The world has changed, certainly. But read about the latest war? I think, it began: in Afghanistan, Iran war continues with no end and no edge to it. "
The correspondent of "After the attack on the U.S. air terrorists September 11, 2001 world estranged from the latest war or close to it?"
Lady: "Oh, sure, closer. Since there is a war in Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Serbiya not understand. So makarom, closer. "
Guy: "I believe that this attack does not impact on world politics. So, people died, so were injured, but in general, the situation in the world is not impacted."
Lady: "I think the world is coming to war. After the East restlessly restlessly in the United States. Tensions in the world. "
Guy: "The attack was working on it, people increasingly trying to prevent war. After all, it very huge casualties and destruction. And it takes a lot of strength to get it back. "
Woman: "I believe that the closer, because there are new issues between the countries, which need to be addressed."
Woman: "I’m sure, still closer. After all, itt attack on all the people brought a nightmare in globally . "
Man: "I think it changed nothing, judging by subsequent events."
Lady: "What criticize America? Need to look that our country occurs. Show-off one. "
Man: "I guess it’s akin to the world in the fight against this scourge. And we need to think how to do in this direction a uniform policy. But while the world goes to the working direction. "
Lady: "It has become more anger, terror, hostilities. It was a promise for even more of war. "

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