Vyachorka: Names of Liberty — no epitaph, it is like a drop of living water

One of the first readers of the book by Vladimir Orlov "Names of Freedom" — a favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka.
"This is the best version of a history textbook or encyclopedia. Identity through history, through the figures of people, through bright, very apt almost one stroke made artistic portraits.
Very fundamentally, Vladimir Orlov extends almost to the present day, and of course speaking about the ones on the physical level we have the middle. But it is under no circumstances epitaphs. It drops quickly as the living water that allow these figures to break beyond encyclopedic suhastsi.
And that, perhaps more importantly, he also says about the figure, which in the current encyclopedias not, but they certainly will be in tomorrow, "- said Vintsuk Vyachorka.
In the midst of "the names of Liberty" — not only such well-known figures as Vasil Bykov, Tadeusz Kosciuszko or Kastus Kalinowski, and a wide range of unknown identity. How, for example, working Tserlyukevich Vera, which can be would see the shares on each of the opposition, or the last gulag prisoner Ales Yurshevich who put in Kurapaty chestnut alley.
"In the midst of" the names of Liberty "persons whose names are included in the encyclopedia, and the people have known the smallest circle from time to time only to friends and acquaintances. But Yet these people in his own mind and seeking freedom, suffer for it and very often previously left this world "- says the founder Vladimir Orlov:
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