Wage is not added, and prices grow very well

Lady: "It hurts my soul to look at what happened on Wednesday. Was supposed to come Charavetski Sergey of the National Audit Office. Gathered people wrote in the local paper. People were all excited, and he was not. And again put our "fist" to take. For what to write, what to impale people and collect them? People were very unhappy. It turns out that even Grodno authorities are trying to fool people. When will the hype? Alexander Lukashenko says, say, all the people, for the people, but it’s not true. Now the month of August on the street, and the prices of tomatoes on the market one eight hundredth If you ask why such a price? All meet — is the cost of Lukashenko. This August — people buy all the winter. People just prick. Pensions are not added, wages are not added, and prices grow very well. It hurts my soul to the same for something that is not so removed field — quinoa sits. Weeds are sitting. And all this "fist" looks relaxed. Why not change the chairman of the Executive Committee? Put people who could really keep order, cleanliness. And then everything is suppressed and oppressed. Besides deputies went. What did he do for the people in MP? Nothing. "
Man: "I appeal to the management of Radio Liberty and the head of Alexander Lukashuk. Gentlemen, you are rolling in the millions, that sets you apart for the U.S. Congress, gather at least one million and donate to some orphanage. Children for you to be grateful for life. I think you still get it together and give children. And also hope that my call obey. "
Ivan Nelukashov: "The answer to the question of the week: Belarus exactly is measured in terms of the stability of the state of poverty, measured low salaries and pensions. Stability of political repression, terror stability of people with their world, the best of the official, the stability of the horror of losing a job or being fined for amounts of cosmic. Stability impunity security forces. Stability bestalantnoy nekompitentnoy policy pursued by management. Stability "Stripes Stalin" or new palaces. Stability is also problematic rogue states. "
Student: "On television, pronounced that a military retiree, Colonel, will retire in 50 years. And I worked for 24 years as a welder — in basements, at height, with acids. I became blind, he will receive 10 times more. Is this true? And what they protect us — so we fed them and feed them. They defended and only protect themselves. "
Braslava inhabitant: "In the middle of September will be Braslaw" Environmental Forum. "Local authorities, National Park preparing for it. At the event spent a lot of money. But where will they go? And already underway. Powerful technique destroys lakeshores Drivyaty, Byarezha. Trees being felled and bushes. Zdiraetstsa coastal vegetation. It’s all in the State Park. And if a citizen on the lake to put the car, cut down a tree or dig a hole, it will be held accountable. A backbreaking fines. Where Zeno crush? him again and it’s time to Braslaw — candidates punishment is. "Greenish" also silent. Being forum need to call, "Look, it does not need to push the neighborhood."
Misha Rows: "Pochetaemaya radio, now I’ve heard about the transfer Kolosovsky Lyceum. Again he appeared. And I asked a question for you: why 13 students expelled from the Lyceum before the new year, and threw them into the street? Now again useful same sacrifices, which he teaches in the backyard to get sponsorship money. And you support them. I believe that a shame for you to intervene in the dark matter — to receive money and divide them among themselves. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin "impose censorship on the Web can not be, because sin is not what is shown, and then, that madeabout. Better if people will know what kind of world they live in and will not leave home without a knife in the pocket or without a gun, who has. Bury our heads in the sand, so as not to create, that those fascists and have knives and guns, it is unreasonable. "
Student: "What about the creation of the Union of the country: I believe that the operation will be carried out" successor ", and lately we learn some details. Likely Russian control will tend to, to sign the Constitutional Act of Union countries. This operation will" successor ". Recently may even This year, as the Belarusian authorities wish to obtain credit union will hold a referendum of the country. When the Constitutional Act is signed, then maybe something will happen. But no need to engage in fantasies and need to wait for the results. From here we do not depend. All depends on what will be accepted in the Kremlin. My world: if the Constitutional Act is signed, it will be immediately and loans, and other attributes, and prices will drop for gas and oil. If he is not signed, it will more pressure. Also recently, maybe there will be a meeting of the supreme council of prime ministers, maybe even at the presidential level issues will be addressed. Most likely, the Russian president will invite our President to the meeting, but the meeting will be held behind closed doors. But still there and October. In 1-x, they agreed that only in October Russian government will consider the allocation of credits. In October, negotiations will be conducted again, and again, nothing happens unless our management would not agree to introduce the Russian ruble. Negotiations are still going. I believe that failure to bind to the Russian ruble on this day — a marketing ploy to make our homeland realized that the part of Belarus are certain acts. Begin depreciation of the Belarusian ruble relative currency. Courses will jump. And ultimately the president will pronounce and that we can not do without the Russian Federation, and we need do something. Respectively — to sign a constitutional act and agree to the terms of in the developing countries of the Union. In October, we will know about it. Chakats.Chas will need. Russian government is hatching a plan. What’s the plan — we’ll discover in October. "
Student: "I do not understand what freedom of speech carries with Russian, all understandable language in Belarus? Apparently, Freedom wishes that all the country’s population was conceived and read in Belarusian. And what will happen to those who never in his life, for example, a dog will not utter "he" Why the fate of Russian revival in the criteria Freedom silent? "
Man: "Lord, if you reads the whole of Europe, that you have" unscheduled "and may say, it does not distort the text and do not pinch calls. On another you have to cut the phone. This is for you the first warning note" .
Lady: "On stability. Now we have a measured physical and spiritual degradation of the bulk of our population, regardless of whether someone has eaten in the morning lean potato or piece of decent meat. "
Lady: "There was free time, and twice yesterday listened Golubeva Freedom. His answers — is the intelligent, invisible excuse Lukashenko. Output for listeners — live quietly, prystasovvaysya expected. On the" European march "can go only in this case, if It will accept the role of managers and, in general, the coming 12 years, nothing much will not change in Belarus. A spell we only Belarusian, when the emperor Lukashenko speak, well, maybe talk to him after failed presidential elections in Russia. And in opposition We do not. Just where disappeared from this regime? There have, of course, a farming community in the form of collective farms and agricultural towns. Very burning topic of the dissertation Golubeva — only here 16 -18 century. But why this community of Belorussian peasant escaped and went to the farm, a farming community in Russia bowed for the king-priest? Naturally, historians see better. And on "European march" will not go real. Lebedko and just have no other choice Vyachorka. Sorry for the pessimism. worst
thing that makes the Lukashenko regime — is spustoshvanne moral people. skalechvanne stubborn youth, and this is done all probable and impractical means. Pochetaemaya Freedom, can call for you about the extermination of the language of the Belarusian izymatelstva about, so we give advertising Lukashenko before the presidential elections in Russia? Regime has become very flexible to adapt to everything. A fifth column? Golubev said would be: relaxed, but would not shed blood. It is, but we have peace, tranquility outside only. "
Man: "Pochetaemye friends, now is the time such as we and our families live in such a situation that can no longer sustain. We want our kids, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to live in a free country. Now we live in a country that genocide, when the country people scoff when the country is destroyed whiteRussian language and culture. I wish to convey our compatriot, the Belarusian people — "Long live Belarus!"
Gennady, Vitebsk "Oleg Trusova Question: if we bilingualism, then why not on mobile phones Belarusian language, and what makes this TBM?"
Listener, Gomel: "Our homeland noted syamidesyatsigode Bolshevik Stalin’s terror over the people in 1937. How and when is meant to celebrate this terrible date our democrats? Authority, as in Russia, did not remember about this terrible event, and about it is to keep in head more than one generation. "
Lady: "Not so long ago I came across a delightful book, which is called" Freedom Square "authored by the chairman of the Union of Writers Pashkevich. I previously did not know that there are two Kurapaty. First Kurapaty were in 1918. I suggest that Radio Liberty has established a conversation with the writer, as many people do not know and have not read this book. "
Man: "Sire, Lukashuk. If you do answer the call that Freedom is not commenting on the action in Poland. And second, it is curious to find out is whether Liberty Children’s home?"
Man: "I have a couple of years listening to economists who you invite. All of them, as one, they say about the collapse of the economy our country. But none of this happens. This means that you invite people, do not understand the economy, and specifically strain situation to make chaos in the country. I would have wished that you had invited economist who would impartially assessed the situation in the country, rather than opposition. "
Man: "I hear a murmur on the publisher that small circulations literature. Cost those people funds and pay a visit to the library and look at how many people are there. There empty halls. And would recommend to visit places of acceptance of waste paper. "

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