Want to declare in Belarusian — a tribunal

September 9, Gomel customs Man accused of violating Article 23.4 — disobeying legitimate requirements of the official.
Sergey Semenov crossed the Belarusian-Ukrainian border by bus, on Fri skip "Guta newcomer." Belarusian customs officers offered Semenov fill the declaration. Youth not renounce, but asked to form whiteRussian language, explaining that zastseragaetstsa errors when completing an official document in Russian. Customs amounted Sergei Semenov protocol on administrative violation.
Tribunal over Sergei Semyonov held on September 24.
August 30 referee Central district of Homel Marina Domnenkov fined Sergei Semenov 930 thousand rubles "For disobeying the customs inspector at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border." August 21, traveling by train in Ukraine, the station Teryuha Sergey Semenov also asked declaration form on whiteRussian language. In response, the customs officers drew up a report under Article 23.4 — disobeying the request of an official.
• How much is a customs declaration for the Belarusian language? , 31.08.2007

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