We begin to recover — stop envying

"Horror and envy — particularly these two natural for all people feeling used at the moment for his own regime support. Thus initially, as they say, was envy — the feeling is very unconstructive, which does not allow to create anything.
For all that, it’s very viability, because natural: almost everything in life is given unfair … And people tend to envy someone who is more successful. If society is more hurt by this feeling, we we have complex perspective: that do something, you must first achieve something. And especially will not achieve — faster download reversing the legs, that you failed to rise.
This is usually very successful mode takes. Remember how Lukashenko blasphemed ministers of all successful people — in public, "you", the dangers, insults … That is a lot to like.
But at the moment the situation has changed a little, a lot of fun for me. Maybe people have tired of the cluster envy, maybe even why, but I think — it was less.
But remains immortal second vice society — the horror speak.
While it is true for Actually paradoxical: the most in our country fears specifically who at the top and, as they say, manages the process … He — a man for whom the horror — the strongest feeling.
But we need not fear. In especially important to get rid of terror when it is necessary to make a choice. And although the top hope for its upcoming domination, I am sure more people realize — they obsess with their nerves, everything in society will improve. And the first steps you need to do this is at the moment. "

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