What interests Belarusian spies in Germany?

How should of disk imaging, located in the German press, the yearly loss of Germany as a result of activity of foreign spies are between 20 and 40 billion euros. Perhaps any German company is tsellyu foreign cyber attacks. The real harm from piracy felt for about 40% of all German companies.
At the time when huge countries like China are interested in kidnapping or copying virtually allx German technological innovation, small countries like Belarus have enthusiasm to copy more narrow technology. Belarusian expert Alexander Alesin does not see anything unusual in a similar phenomenon.
"In general it is a global practice — said the expert. — I do not think Belarus differs from the other downwards. I proceed from the practice Russian timesand. Snuck those documents, software that is not performed in the USSR. Part of their copy and use in both military and civilian purposes in. As for Belarus, it is interested in a number of technologies — in electronics, chips and super large scale integration so on. "
By Alesina, once a number of weak economically powerful states have made a breakthrough as a result of piracy: if you take the same auto industry of China, 100% of their cars — it’s maple and European copies.

"Belarus is interested in a number of technologies — in electronics, chips and super large scale integration so on …"

The same applies to the electronics and other European technology. Despite the fact that the German company in accordance with the Council of the Regional Office for the Protection of the Constitution in every way try to protect their secret, but such acts are unlikely to be effective, many experts believe.
Meanwhile Reinhard Lyavterbah journalist who worked as a correspondent for a long time the German media in the former Soviet Union — in including, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine — believes that accredited diplomatic consulates in Germany undemocratic regimes have not the least enthusiasm and political espionage.
"It can never be business as usual vyklyuchats.Geta diplomacy and diplomats, who also engage in such business," — says the journalist.
• Germans "blind eye" to fail Russian spy, 25.04.2005

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