What is different from the Belarusian Russian music?

I found the shop and asked the saleswoman:
"Tell me, please, what is the difference" Russian "," Belarusian "and" foreign "artists?"
Saleswoman: "Heavy question. Logic no."
On the same question trying to answer visitor — a young woman:
"Should be"Russian", "Russian" and "foreign." Or "Belarusian" and "foreign" … No — Russian stands out. We were a long time in the RF ".
Reporter: "But not long ago as part of …"
Woman: "All the same, we have a similar culture, anyway. "
Reporter: "Where is the word on the board -" Russian "?
Woman: "Russian Alliance."
Reporter: "Do you remember the Russian Alliance?"
Woman: "No. In fact, very stupid."
Near the emperor, who by age remembers Russian Alliance:
"Look," Russian "and next" Belarusian. "In my opinion, it says for itself. Empty in my head the man, which did . "
Another nearby music store. There are three stands, but signed two of their "foreign performers" and "Russian artists." Among unsigned shield with different performers in including Belarusian. I ask the sellers:
"Zabugornom" and "Russian" — why two separate stands? You are positioning themselves as a store Russian Federation? "
Merchant: "No comment. I will not answer the question because there is no desire. "
Virtually all music stores Minsk Russian artists stand out separately from Belarusian and those which mark the word "zabugornogo." Views on the 1st of the managers for the sale of CDs, Belarusians compare themselves with Russian mass culture, because of the Russian foreign office has real justification. As for those cases where the owners of shops feature "Russian" and "Belarusian" music, my interlocutor said, makingXia is automatic, unconscious:
"People are This time, apparently, are united paslyasavetskay place in their homeland and in some places east of Orsha. "

Photo: lj user soft_tiger

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