What neuvvyazkami face relatives of those who disappeared outside Belarus?

Missing in Gurzuf Arseny Wolf (pictured) works as the master on one of the Minsk automobile service stations. He — the grandson of the former Dean of the Philological Faculty of the Belarusian State University Alexey Wolf.
All salvation — at the ad level Investigation
The search takes almost a month relatives and friends. According to Father Arseny, Alexander Wolf, the efficiency of the local police is practically zero. A Ukrainian rescuers search is ended August 17:
"I came back a day or two after he was gone. But more or less active quest began a week later. And then, most had a technical nature — given the information in the police network and announced that from them, the city wanted. I I could try to check, and it does not always match what they had read. friend I have relatives in Rivne — Exactly start through to find out nothing like they do not exist.
Or, for example, interrogate people: say, 7:00 in the area when he was gone, as if beheld cleaner beach. Find cleaner — so says beheld Man, he had a bandage on his hand, asked for matches … Nothing Arseny was not bandaged. So, anyone beheld similar, but it is not the man.
After, his Tipo beheld on the road to the beach, head of the police department Gurzufskaya attracted dayverav case. But how to find it? Swim Along with tourists stare th, he has or not. "
Status Belarusian investigators abroad is not defined
August 29 Management inquiry Minsk police launched a criminal investigation into the disappearance on the territory of Ukraine Belarusian citizen.
Alexander Vovk hopes that the investigation team will be formed, which will leave the place where the rest, and later the young man was gone. But the problem is that at the interstate level mechanism legalization investigative group one country to another country practically worked out:
"I spoke with the investigator Office Mingorispolkom preparatory study that leads this case. In principle, they are ready to go. But must government decision-making by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Such a practice they have, if go and investigate.
I investigator said that he personally went to search for people in Russia. But to get the status in Ukraine for operational work necessary coordination at the government level. If such a decision will be accepted, I also go there with them. "
Posodeystvuyut search tools?
A week after the incident Belarusian TV channels said that the missing Belarusian found in the Crimea. Unfortunately, the information was not confirmed, and where she had gone in general, remains a mystery.
25th day of birth Arseny Wolf (August 20) ancestors met without offspring.
Alexander Wolf promised five thousand dollars to anyone who provides information that posodeystvuyut find offspring.

In late July, Russian rescuers found a week in the Karelian forest 3 Belarusian tourists. Saved was billed for the search — almost 60 thousand dollars. Amount before This time has not been paid, as the ladies said that such means at their no.
A just Now news came from the Altai, where in August 2005 covered the whole group Levinov Belarusian climbers on the way to the top of the Beluga. Four people were killed, the body of the 1st of the tourists had to find two years.

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