What role is withdrawn prematurely voting power?

From all regions of Belarus comes the information that people are forced to vote early. Why did the authorities not afraid that people will start to resent? Why all the machine to ensure the appropriate authorities acts result without crashing? As foreign observers will be treated to a massive premature vote?
Participants: a candidate in constituency Eseninskiy Valentine Svyatskaya from Minsk and past chairman of the city council Zhlobinsky, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Marat Afanasyev from Zhlobin.
How do they react SOCIETY FOR VOTING Premature?

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"Apparently, in the whole country ahead of vote more than 20% of voters. According to all international standards is scandalously high figure. She itself for itself suspicious. Even more suspected causes premature implementation mechanism voting. Authorities driven voters for this event at assistance to the administrative resource. authorities other words not only do not hide this incomprehensible operation, and strongly suggest it, turn it into a political campaign.
How to respond to this society? Why did the authorities not afraid that people will start to resent? Either they are convinced that the citizens did not suspect? Or mood of ordinary voters are not interested in power, and elections are held only with the expectation to an audience? "

Valentine Svyatskaya time campaigning in their own environmentValentine Svyatskaya"The introduction of a premature vote for matching results — this is a long-standing tradition of the Belarusian authorities. Nothing new here.
Yesterday I campaigned in his own environment, and I had read Incline people age, they have already voted for me, because on Sunday preparing to leave the cottage. But yesterday she Ms. Yarmoshina joined the campaign early voting. She voted on Thursday, and this is all said Belarusian TV channels. I believe that a premature vote could not go. "
Karbalevich"G. Svyatskaya, you said that the old lady for you gladly said they already voted for you. And they do not behold the nothing suspicious that the authorities have aggressively invite people to a premature vote?"
Svyatskaya"These people do not believe Incline age that their votes will be stolen. Specifically how it was in the previous campaign, in which I participated."
PEOPLE driven to premature vote

Marat Afanasyev

Marat Afanasyev"In our environment for a day or two voted early 7500 from a total of 68,400 voters. There are sites in the area, which is densely populated smelter workers — there are 12-13% of the electorate voted. But the true number hidden from observers.
The experience of past elections indicates that the boxes preparatory vote for the candidate of power is always more than 95% of the ballots. But when they open the box with ballots cast in the voting day, then there are other voting ratio: 50:50, or other disposition.
So I’ve met on sites with familiar staff smelter. They they say that they are being driven by a premature vote chiefs. While it is understandable why it is done, but nothing has been able to do.
Allowing such a fascinating case in an area that is in school № 13 Zhlobin. Cost boy and gives your phone a friend Election Commission, so he confirmed the master of his production that he had voted. Another example. Met his own neighbor, who was released two hours earlier from work, so he voted early. "
Why do people go to break the law?
Karbalevich"In this strange company involves a lot of people. This election commission members, police officers who are on duty at sites, corporate executives, institutions, people who drive for a premature vote. Why all this machine operates smoothly, why are these people so just go on Indeed, on the criminal sin? "
Svyatskaya"All these people — on the hook in the executive vertical. Adjective If these people do not comply with the order, the affected themselves. But at some point will have to answer."
Afanasyev"Indeed, these people are very dependent on the vertical. I understood that one of the meeting held with the representative of the District Council heads of electoral commissions, it was said, if you do not ensure the victory of pro-regime candidate Button Rybchenko over opposition candidates, then you will find the latest work.
I wish to note that this replacement ballots leaders do commissions, and most of the members of the commissions not know about it. And this small number of people are tied, they depend on each other.
I beheld with our eyes in the last election, when commissioners, first came into office of the chairman executive committee, filled with "chess" with the appropriate numbers and only later carried information to the district election commission.
That incident, which happened on a day or. At one of the polling stations I like watching sent note that the ballot box glued over the top with 2 pieces of paper and put plasticine printing. And in general has fallen off the bottom. It turns out, is the interpretation of the CEC that printing can not be with wax and with plasticine.
What uzreesh OBSERVERS?
Karbalevich"As foreign observers would react to such a mass of early voting under duress? Would they generally any violations?"
Svyatskaya"Although Belarus undemocratic electoral law, but even if it was carried out, the election could win beyond government candidate. Penalized But power and that the Electoral Code, under which she made herself. Not to mention those aspects of the technical direction of which said Afanasiev.
Attitude to foreign observers at me skeptical. We explain to them what may be a violation. And they perceive it’s hard. Unfortunately, with the fruits of foreign surveillance feel neither I nor our society. "
Karbalevich"But it sure does not matter to the observers, but rather to foreign political structures. But there is another problem. European observers, guided by the principles of law are turning their attention only on the facts. A suspicion is not a fact.
Here is the same premature vote. Of all the regions receive information about forcing, but anonymous. And to justify compulsion, or need a written order or certificate of certain people who call your name, company or institution. But people are afraid. "
Afanasyev"Foreign observers did not see anything. After all, they show only the outer outline. And premature vote they behold the nothing terrible. This is especially typical of observers from the CIS."
Svyatskaya"Early voting so devalued the idea of elections, voters do not believe in them. Lot is not going to vote."

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