What threatens the Belarusian economy external debt?

Tsigankov: "9000000000 external debt — it is almost 100 bucks for every inhabitant of the country — as it threatens the country’s economic prospects? Or maybe it’s normal, everyday process, because all countries in transition at some point had a large external debt?"
Zheliba: "There is a risk in the economy — an external debt of the economy should not exceed 60 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Currently arrears of Belarus (and municipal and so called Corporate — banks, companies) is about 20 percent of GDP. From this perspective, the highest percentage is not very — Ukraine has debts of around 50 percent of GDP.
But this trend — actively grow energoelementy payments for Russian and Belarusian export grows not the highest rate. Trade deficit billion above, it must be covered, and this is also done at the expense of external debt. "
Tsigankov: "Yet, 20 percent figure looks quite harmless. But maybe for different approaches of different states, or they are universal for all? One that is not terribly — critical for others? "
Zheliba: "Yes, we need to take into account the overall economic situation.’s No secret that the depreciation of fixed assets reached the 80 percent. Our homeland is closing its markets, and many commodity items Belarusians lose competitiveness. And 20 percent of these are not so harmless."
Tsigankov: "Outside arrears of Belarus — is largely debt companies and banks. How and by whom she promised? If the company go bankrupt, who will repay him?"
Zheliba: "So, the government is not liable for the debts of commercial banks, and banks — the government. But we know that naikrupneyshim Belarusian banks — it’s practically a state owned banks. Loans and cash flow in some parts of the State Bank.
Action is practically sell accessories. "Velcom", "Motovelo" — the tendency is such that you have to pay property. External debt will have to give children, grandchildren — it is always dangerous for the country. "

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