What trophies hunted famous people?

Very love hunting military — and this is understandable: can handle a weapon. Passionate hunter — the last defense minister, General Pavel Kozlovsky:
"There is a boar’s head, stuffed. There are moose antlers, deer. All this is legitimate, licensed and have a wild boar and elk, and the goat, and the hare. Paddock I love hunting with dogs when beaters raise a herd of wild boars, if such Hunting vigorously at high speed! Most fundamental for me — is the process of hunting: a meeting with friends and a glass of small, warm discussion, bikes … And if hunters with hunting come without a trophy — it’s not the worst. The most important thing — stay in the midst of friends. "
Chairman Supreme Council 12th convocation, Police General Mieczyslaw Mushroom hunting, when he worked in Vitebsk. After, as 17 years ago moved to the capital, hunting was never:
"There is a wolf pelt, elk have horns, lie somewhere in the country — have these trophies. And the wolves were, and moose were. Well, here we have a particularly rare trophy no — tigers, bears … Bears there, but hunting them is prohibited … But that was long ago. This is such excitement: take a gun and a team walk through the woods to stay in the pen, sit in ambush, and obviously what nibudt purchase during this hunt. "
Hunters to find the middle of creative people — artists, writers, actors — proved to be difficult. Creative nature occasionally addicted to hunting, they would love to fish or collect mushrooms. Belarusian poet from Vilnius Oleg Minkin hunted in his youth, when he worked in Siberia. Trophies he survived:
"Fox has remained such a fake. We made a scarecrow with his wife, wilderness, partridges, squirrels, hares, foxes. This was in the Tyumen region, city Nayabrsk boundary Khanty-Mansi and Nenets Autonomous District. Oil mined there. I worked there as an engineer technical supervision . C one side go, look how everything is made — this majestic kilyametrazh on tundra. At the same time there with a gun walking. "
Reporter: "Now do not hunt?"
Minkin: "No, it’s not entirely my element."
I found out that some Belarusians go even in Africa, the true safari. Managing TV "Own Circle" Vlad Murashkevich, for example, loves extreme: rafting on mountain rivers catamaran, go to the mountains, to engage snovbordyngam, scuba diving, white water rafting. Than once he was on safari:
"I go on safari, and not only for hunting, and on dayverskiya. Mota in deserts on the planet. But I do not like to shoot in principle, from the enjoyment of hunting do not get. Animals not lift a hand to shoot. Well possible shoot an animal? She’s beautiful … "Said Managing safari lover television" Own Circle "Vlad Murashkevich.

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