When born Grodno?

"Grodno reading" took place in a new royal castle indoors Regional Library named after Academician Efim Kara. As one of the speakers, the city appeared just close — on adjacent hill where there is an old part of the king’s castle.
First mention of Grodno in Hypatian preserved also in the Laurentian and Radzivilovsky chronicles. But at first, the founding date of 1128 should be considered, although the other two serve different date — 1127.
Swedes: "But for some reason to present a day or in our marketing products, posters, some publications, in the views of the Grodno authorities is invalid date — 1128. "
This date was adopted in Russian time, in the 60s. How could receive an error?
Swedes: "However, the researchers noticed from time to time, as you see, and that in the annals — Hypatian — 6636 year in Radzivilovsky — 6635 and that of the same year in the Laurentian Chronicle. Difference there. Historians solved simply, the difference as the chronicler mistaken. chronicler of reality could not be mistaken for it, and he could lose his head. Error turned out differently. "
Swedes doctor believes that the reason is that the chroniclers have used different chronology. Historian noted that in 1127, a year appearance of the town, called the Belarusian scientific journals and encyclopedias. Scientists have turned to local authorities proposed to approve the founding year of 1127 specifically Grodno minutes, but the authorities decided to drop everything as before and mix next year Day town festival with national cultures.

In pictures: Dr. Vyacheslav Swedes at the book exhibition "European City of Neman", which is dedicated to "Grodno readings", the emblem of the old Grodno is "Deer Guberta saint", which is now possible to behold in the town.

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