Where did the money?

It will be recalled that in August specifically Belarus makes a huge external payments: first month of "Gazprom" were transferred to 456 millions of dollars in debt for gas delivered in the first half, in the third week of August, "Gazprom" has been paid 145 million dollars for the July delivery.
In the midst of a dispute with Moscow over gas debt payment Alexander Lukashenko stated that the debt will be paid from the reserves to the National Bank, but, him, these costs will be reimbursed within a month. Under the present to the bank and left. State Bank said that the source of recovery supplies were the purchase of currency on the domestic market and increase government funds to accounts in the National Bank.
Some experts have expressed some doubts about this. They recall, namely, the sale of state bit of a mobile phone company Velcom foreign investor. For an undisclosed amount, but a few months back the Alexander Lukashenko read about the ability to implement state bit of the company for $ 400 millions of dollars. It is possible that assets purchased from the deal, and went to pay for gas.
Besides specialists turning their attention the trick of counting reserves. 3 billion of reserves and reduction in the month only 20 million dollars goes according of so-called "Public definition", methods of calculation adopted by the National Bank. If we assume that the procedure adopted by the International Finance Facility, the results are slightly different: the size of the reserves of 2 billion 99 million on August 1 and reduce them to 263 million dollars per month. However, and this reduction — even less than the August payments "Gazprom", but the number is comparable.

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