Whether, even on a theoretical level, placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus?

"Today — salting in Minsk yesterday — employee of the embassy in Kiev. Maybe it’s not a coincidence? "
Tsigankov "As thesmiling, "the language given to diplomacy to be able to conceal his thoughts." Seems this aphorism does not apply to Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov. Despite the trials refute himself, Surikov involuntarily raised large international scandal. Russian idea of placing nuclear weapons in Belarus immediately supported some Russian generals — or is it a fact that this thought many in Russia may return at any moment? Fungus, which was your first recollection of these words Surikov? "
Mushroom: "When I read an interview Surikov, I had the impression that it is expressed not salted, and some more compelling personality — Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister or the President. Responses were quite categorical, as if in Russia has already been decided and is because it reads. seems not already control the Belarusian supposedly passed all examinations and all long decided.’s when Americans do there, we immediately in Belarusdo it … I did not like it. I know that is salted in another country, and how it should behave "
Fedorov: "I remember, as a few days reverse some staff of the Russian embassy in Kiev said Our homeland that can review the status of Crimea if Ukraine will raise the issue of withdrawal of the Black Sea Fleet after the lease contract. So, maybe it’s not a coincidence, and some strategy or even Russian control strategy?
We know that it is time to their election campaigns, parliamentary and presidential elections. We know how our homeland behaves in the international arena, trying to assure everyone that they are again majestic power. Maybe it was — one of the PR moves that invented Russian control to further assure the electorate in their own rigidity and determination? "
"But such an instrument will be focused almost exclusively against Europe"
Tsigankov: "The Russian press and gives this version: Belarusian control most interested in the fact, that some elements of nuclear weapons were deployed in Belarus. Those elements that do not violate the international agreements signed by Minsk. Allegedly, this will increase the geopolitical weight of Alexander Lukashenko in trade with Moscow. How do you feel about this version? "
Fedorov: "The only which can be positioned in Belarus without violating international agreements — is a tactical nuclear weapon. Unfortunately, there are no formal documents that would forbade its use. In time Misha Gorbachev and George HW Bush agreed on bilateral removal from combat duty and tactical nuclear weapons have done so. But documents on this account does not exist. Everything else that could be positioned in Belarus would be a violation of international documents.
What still concerns geopolitical weight, may be only worse. At the moment Belarus is trying to make some vzaemadachyneni Europe. But such an instrument will be focused almost exclusively against Europe. Then all the dreams of some assistance with Europe can put a cross. It seems to me that even the Belarusian management is the realization of this. "
Mushroom: "I agree with this and want to see what tactical nuclear weapon even more unsafe for the country where it is than strategic. After all, military action can unfold in the area where it is a weapon.
Alexander Lukashenko more than once expressed regret Belarus, mol, previously withdrawn from its territory a nuclear weapon. But it can only take in. But after 3 "gas wars" Our homeland will have to think whether to it mattersbe ‘.
Fedorov: "Mieczyslaw I. rights. But later after, how to deal with Russia worsened, were already other expressions of Alexander Lukashenko, negotiable instrument that we do not need, and we will never violate international agreements. "

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