Why Belarusian theater is not enough other projects?

Analysts systematize Belarusian theater by three criteria: in fact, the Municipal Theatre, a non-governmental entreprise (or commercial theater, and therefore dependent on the mass of flavors) and other theatrical projects.
Connects voedinyzhdy lack of legality
Attend traditional theaters priuchivayut from school, that many in fact converted into custom. More popular low-budget, but antrepriznyh spectacular setting, where either no more of success fell to "Nicolas-theater" directed by Nicholas Pinigina.
To list other projects enough fingers of one hand. As the critic Maxim Zhbankov first connects them voedinyzhdy that normally operate in Belarus, they can not. Nedavneshny case with the detention of the troupe "Free Theatre" — excessive proof:
"If we are talking about design projects, it is, of course, foreigners, its luxurious plastic theater" ingest. " Good another project, which is known throughout Europe and which to "Free Theatre" was almost the sole representative of the Belarusian culture topical abroad. In other words, untainted candidacy, avant-garde performance plastic, 100 percent representative.
The same was time such a funny theater "bamboo", which met for the first time, "Sasha and Sirozha" Hatskevich and Mikhalok, and it was somewhere in the midst of the 1990s. was also such absurd project, allegedly frivolous, but in principle independent. So makarom, "Dinosaurs" candidates — Foreigners with "ingest" relatively young "Free Theatre". It’s actually all. "
In the absence of a real base alternatyvniki engaged constant search for funding or do tests to earn outside the country. Referred to "ingest" almost more time working abroad. Zabugornye tours are available, and are increasingly in the daily "Free Theatre".
If you’re not normal, you do not perceive
Minsk theater manager plastic grotesque "ingest" Vyacheslav Inozemtseva theatergoers already bestowed sonorous epithets: "radical," "revolutionary theater." It assimilated, try to copy. Not so long ago launched the project "DOSKI", as critics say — just an attempt to clone the commercial theater Inozemtseva. Asked Vyacheslav Inozemtsev: indeed whether other projects in Belarus so risky that they dread doing?
"Well, how risky? Just it is very difficult. It’s one thing when you have positioned themselves, for example, as a bright political theater, of course, there will be one of the first kind of the problem. I’m actually saying so himself never did not specify. I have my own eyes, but the theater and politics — it’s hard for me combined, at least not directly. But in any case, no matter what’s candidacy in this case is perceived as a threat. Well, in general there are many highly ossified any obstacles. Not only purely administrative, political nature, conscious. Just such a system: if you’re not normal, when you suggest something risky, but it is hardly perceived. "
At one time the theater "ingest" given the opportunity to work in the Variety Theatre. But just as quickly from there asked: someone vigilant viewers wrote a complaint to the Ministry of Culture, he says, in the play walks naked people.
Departure from the standards? Unacceptable!
"Very telling moment that tests for theater" — sums up Maxim Zhbankov. He believes that because of the emergency administration and the Ministry of Culture subordination none of the municipal theaters opened no way for himself the luxury of a departure from the standards. Practically, for trying to improvise with Kupala Theatre was dismissed Vladimir Scherban, today the director of "Free Theatre".
On the undesirability of departing from the traditional framework reads and artistic manager of the Russian Drama Theater named M.Gorkovatogo Boris Lutsenko:
"When I see a man with nothing to do, and he begins to compose something from" notwhat to do "- It comes as Gogol. Indicates how there: he was not so pleased that it is written, and the process of reading the like. So here, I have a feeling that these people just tend to something" to join. "This if you talk to them, they do not really represent what they in fact are willing. "
Theatrical candidacy — "sectarians"?
Managing more unusual than the alternative theater humor "Christopher" Eugene Kryzhanovsky no such specific. And just adherent ability tests on the stage:
"Well, at the moment it is quite creepy. Fact now that school of acting, which was once — Stanislavsky Nemirovich-Danchenko, she’s leaving. Currently, other principles can be quite different to play, play in the theater. because I think a full house, full house young and unusual guaranteed. "
Young playwright Andrew Kureichik together with Nikolai Khalezin once stood at the origins of the "Free Theatre". Now he criticizes colleagues for "sectarianism":
"I think it must find a way out to a very wide audience, very way to the people. Much use of the most extensive plastic viewers, urging them to their side. But these limitations — it is little sectarian. It is, of course, its advantages, so that there dealing with "admirers", in other words, come to the shows in the main "abazhatseli." But there is a downside, since you closed, and you do not feel a real connection with people. "
Are independent analysts not only rumors about the impossibility of the other scenes in Belarus, and the degradation of the municipal theater on the example of theater festivals.
Was initially "Open Format" to which had a direct bearing Andrei Kureichyk, then — more moderate "Panorama". A year earlier, held a "Slavic-vitsyazny" Theatre Festival under the auspices of the Orthodox Russian actor Nikolai Burljaeva. In This year not left anything at all, although many have promised.
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