Why is there no information on Andrei Klimov?

A day or two back, a day of Belarusian Solidarity, which is usually marked by the 16th of each month, activists public campaign «Jeans for Freedom" held a rally near the entrance, where the family lives Alexander Kozulin. Young people holding portraits of the policy, posted near the entrance of the candle figure 16 as a sign of solidarity.
Ira Kozulin welcomed activists and even photographed with them in memory. Wife of the politician was very grateful for the support in the address of Alexander Kozulin. She believes that solidarity actions confirm that the Belarusian society forgets repressed and will always support them.
From Alexander Kozulin during a meeting with him after relatives came one sheet. Ira says that no matter what the husband does not complain. Ira itself Kozulin previously said, that some of her letters to her husband disappear, because she started to number them. What it had a total of?
"Come reports that he has received them Tipo. Signed these messages are obviously not to them, but I have such information."
I recall the last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin is serving a sentence of 5.5 years imprisonment company for the riots. Kozulin refers to the persecution of political trust.
Just a few weeks back the parents had a date Dmitry Dashkevich — Olga and Vyacheslav Dashkevich — with his son, and all they remember a time when they were together.
"We read the Bible with my dad"
"Such a beautiful, such measured. I had no idea that it could be so. One thing it through the glass, and completely different — date. Sitting next to him, for his trymaessya … Read the Bible with my dad, father says one thing, and he has another. Say, Slovak, you’re silent, because the offspring for you smarter. "
Let me remind you, a year earlier favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich was sentenced to one and a half years for his role in the bullpen unregistered organization. Activist serving a sentence Shklou colony.
"On the power is not enough"
Arthur, who was punished "chemistry" for political graffiti, the last month working on building a house in Mogilev. States that significantly tired, a lot of work. And how many pay "chemist" Finkevich for languid job? By him, about 250 thousand rubles. I asked him whether enough of these funds at least on food?
"I’m the holy spirit has not learned to eat. Whoever taught, I would be happy. And so three times a day is necessary to have, or at least two. But not enough …"
Incidentally, the average salary in Belarus builder — more than 400 thousand.
From April in Minsk remand is politician Andrei Klimov, who was accused of distributing the web appeals against the government. Investigation into the case of the sovereign Klimova must end in two weeks. With all of this more than a month the public has no knowledge, with the activist. Relatives Klimov not communicate, the investigators also contacts with journalists do not support.
P. Sevyarynets: "We expect increased repression", 3.08.2007
Activist came to the clinic through the prison food poisoning in Akrestsin, 28.07.2007

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