Why Karatkevich finished to be an idol?

Greater in the history of Belarusian literature explosion enthusiastic reader and book hype associated with the beginning of the 80s of the last century, and with the name of Vladimir Korotkevich. This is really a unique time, when "The Wild Hunt of King Stach" and "The Black Castle Olshansky" queues, and the name of the creator of these works stood in the blockbuster series of idols. Phenomenon has become an indisputable fact, so undeniable that paid for crosswords. But over the past 20 years almost everything has changed. Karatkevich became one of the writers of mandatory school applets, it has long been not produce mass circulation, in other words, he is an idol to be finished. This means that in 20 years, times have changed dramatically. Karatkevich And since in these configurations — central figure, then through attitude we might, we can read and make sense of what happened to all of us and that he is a world in which we live.
Karatkevich-writer did not have an idol since he wrote the book in which readers enjoyed the thought out demand for knowledge of history and detective genre once, now there is no such shortcomings. Karatkevich finished to be an idol, as socialist realist lights of his works, without which time they would not pass the censorship at the moment of their unending ages and posing in front of a mass of unprofitable position and historical detective fiction, written without censorship. Karatkevich did not have an idol, as an open information society idol kept on the promotion, at work, literary agents, on the promotion of the country, and this is nothing against his works not. In the end, did not Karatkevich to be an idol, because they do not what and how he wrote the reader need now. After all, his works are not interpreted the reader a picture of the world and himself so aptly and deeply, that based on the work of the writer again queues. So look reasonable assumptions, which can be to confirm or deny. What we are going in the current gear.
The way in which the Belarusian society has changed through the prism of his relationship to creativity Karatkevich, studied Dmitry Bartosik.
Bartosik: "How great that I had time to read Karatkevich fit Do not momentary skeptical eye, but because they need it and read. As kids read books Dumas or Walter Scott. Swallowing page for page. Binges without analyzing flaws and sharahavatastsi. Every new section feeling ecstasy opening mysterious and enigmatic Belarus.
But does "everything is fine at the time"? And while books Karatkevichavyh inexorably away? And coupled with the passage of time disappears and the image of the creator? The one-Soviet writer and public abuzhalnika feelings? I spoke about it with those who found fame Karatkevich during his lifetime. And almost all thanks Korotkevich became what is now. For example, writer Lyudmila Rublevskaya. "
Rublev: "Vladimir Karatkevich. Specifically, thanks to his works, I once opened itself Belarusian literature and chose a path of Belarusian writer. This is not an isolated case in my generation. Possible to say that all of our generation, the generation of" Tuteyshyh ", was released as when something came out of Gogol’s overcoat generation of Russian writers, here came a generation of Belarusian Writers. Though, of course, many of them now reconsidering former idol. And maybe him such a huge impact refuse. But I can not refuse. No. Indeed, Karatkevich was for me in a certain sense, and the idol. And dignified writer who could be a benchmark of how kamertonam creativity. I’ve never met him. Though, sure, I could do. Since there were recitals. But it did not happen. And maybe it’s even to the best. Since I was such an idealized image of the writer. And, of course, now I re-read his work and since the height of past years, own editorial experience and see some shortcomings, and how it is made, and the like could be more paredagavats. But of weird thing — it does not interfere as before admiring as ever feel that spirit that once he passes me and passed me now. And sometimes I read Vladimir Korotkevich. "
Bartosik: "The linguist and politician Vintsuk Vyachorka acquainted with the work already being Karatkevich nationally-conscious person."
Vecherko: "For me Karatkevich not formed, but a living person. The man, to which we were strolling caroling at the first "professional" Christmastide 80th year. The person to whom could come, and we Sergei Sokolov came to him in connection with some things that we did not like, when he had celebrated the anniversary Kolas. The man who was sitting surrounded by Ryazanov and Trinity on the first production of the popular drama "Ruler Maximilian" in the national conscious interpretation. And later expressed my thoughts. Event man who was in the workshop Alexei Marochkina where we are young, going along with the senior on the meeting, first, of course, cultural mores. But, obviously, with obvious political overtones, in the first half of the 80s. For me, it happened that I came to the public consciousness without knowing the name. How paradoxically. And only in the first year I had someone recommend reading Karatkevich. Which I did. And the first product that has been read by me, it was "Spikes". Clearly, what was later to read everything else, including what still youthful and naive little socialist realist. It is clear that today’s era of reason certain costs can be seen in Karatkevichavyh works. Now I would not say, so I changed the attitude towards Karatkevich, your own. It’s completely indisputable part of the foundation of the state of our culture. At the same time, in almost all its forms. I certainly all his children read "Devil treasure." This beautiful, and really have not been evaluated then poetry. If we talk about me personally, more teens in the 80s, I do appreciate prose. How to concentrate the minds of others, other aesthetics Belarusian Europeanness. Prose, which was not only self-worth as an aesthetic phenomenon. But even doing and propaganda, national educational role. And, naturally, I had a few Karatkevichavyh similar books that went before as Collected Works started out. And all of them I have read. I recommend them bezotstupno people, so they came to the same things I have come. And now I really appreciate his poetry. And not in vain Ales Land took the project "Karatkevich" around which our different professional rock musicians. It is a pity that only five songs is still limited. I hope that is not the end. And, certainly, Karatkevichava star, it glows and it will be forever. And for me personally, this star live. No monumentality. "
Bartosik: "And at the moment the word of the same party carried out until the project, a favorite of the" DMI "Levon Volsky."
Wolski: "Belarusians have such a defect state. They mostly believe that nothing ordinary Belarusians can not. All usually done abroad. Moscow, New York. Maybe in Warsaw. And our writers — so for themselves. Musicians have such can not do anything. People come after the concert and wondering — ah so we happen to like playing. And I thought that this is unrealistic. Same with Korotkevich. And if at the end of the 70s was a terrible boom with "feral hunting." lunging hands magazine "Neman" a Russian one, and if it was not possible Russian, read in Belarusian. Had people to make such sacrifices creepy. It was wildly popular. I remember that this magazine was all zahapali hands greasy creepy in spools and lint. It was as "Pesnyary". "Pesnyary" was a real rock band in the 70s, which did not fall under these VIA. Karatkevich And did not fall under this sign "Russian writer." It was a "company." This could all read and read in Belarusian. It was a personality as niadsyul. Cant in the Russian Union people who writes such things. For people this such was the inhabitant from the sky, half. And for me, when we started to take the chords and screaming teenage voices, we initially unfolded prestigious Tarkovsky then something else. And later came upon Karatkevich poems … Also were not here these verses. In my opinion, Karatkevich very bad with the music. He wrote very specifically. There’s a very specific rhythm. And the most momentum. If you sing it all meaning is lost, and lost a lot of aspects. Maybe that’s why this album flopped and cooperative verses Karatkevich. There have been very successful, Dima Vaitsyushkevich very successful version. But still slightly not joined. I think these verses should be poetry. "
Bartosik: "I remember how I felt I turned the last page of" Christ, who landed in Grodno "or" Dark Castle Olshansky. "Wanted more. Lyudmila Rublevskaya believes that this desire is complete and in a new century. It’s not a secret plot bends. "
Lyudmila Rublevskaya: "I believe that Karatkevich hitherto not raschytali. He of those rare writers who work with the subconscious. Their works are multi-level. There’s not only the plot, the plot, the outer pathos. There’s much more. Such writers and now we have a little. But what they are, that there is Vladimir Korotkevich, it’s just a great happiness for our literature. writer who is able to work with your own subconscious, he does in 1-x, personal myth, in which you can highlight some common archetypes. myth He makes his own people. It’s so simple, it seems. But if it is not supported by the depth of the personality of the writer, his ability to bind to the collective unconscious, and at once, so to speak, with the world erudition, nothing succeed. Karatkevich In came. For all his now apparent naivete. I think a lot of it now is to throw. naivete and neraspratsovka stories … You can always find something. But it is not important.
I define myself as. What is the product or not — is depending on whether it sensual anger. This means that the reading of this work, apprehended him, you myanyaeshsya. Creator, his creator was able to convey to you what he can, he does not fully understand, but through him that this work has been invested. In the works Karatkevich it is always. Something higher. Always in his works there is something higher. This "super" now did not notice. Since news is that immediately noticed State romanticism, an appeal to history, what then was new, it has already analyzed. And what else is there, it’s … I think this will still write and read and teach. There are writers, what is called, a bowl of water or lake … And sometimes well, well. Where not to get to the bottom. Where you can go to any artesian water. Here the case. I feel sorry for is if the school programm Karatkevich make one of a series. He’s not one of the series. Under any circumstances. However, "The Wild Hunt" … Build it state pathos, social struggle … And "The Wild Hunt", it’s all the same sign. Which, again, it is possible to argue for a long time and not fully comprehend … "
Bartosik: "Indeed, how many live and exciting creators destroyed that school programm! With its ready recipes read features heroes and critical postulates. Vintsuk Vyachorka believes Korotkevich these stamps are not threatened."
Vecherko: "What Karatkevich included in the school program from other words in some Losers it can cause heartburn. Well thank you and Bonn. And wonderful. Since more than Karatkevich, the least incompetent socialist realist. Again same, Adam Mickiewicz . During the 19th century, beginning of the 20th it was the banner of the liberation movement of the Poles. And at the moment, included in the school program from "Dzyady", "Pan Tadeusz" cause heartburn in Polish Losers. But from this it does not follow that the absolute most of the Poles for life peraymaetstsa aesthetics, rhythm, poetry Mitskevichavay views. Karatkevichavymi Also with prose and poetry. Thankfully, that 100 percent of young Belarusians now without assertive kniganoshnay work, my and me similar, read Karatkevich. "
Bartosik: "Today I do not feel a spiritual need to reread his prose. "Spikes" or "Feral hunting." Maybe I do not want to be disappointed? Or, rather, since the charge that I got then, during the first meeting, so far not exhausted. Lavon Barshcheuski believes that over time we will give preference Korotkevich-poet. "
Dubovets of days had to look at the Vilnius City Theater premiere of "Heart of a Dog" by Misha Bulgakov. With famous movies are not mapped. In the movie — the literary grotesque, sometimes with humor, sarcasm, and even there some good. And here comes into play when Shvonder now — all these activists of the new communist order — becomes terrible. Somewhere lost art esthetization. And you know that you just show the truth — a terrible catastrophe without any drops of humanity and hope. Because it was. And the ending of the play did not such as in the book and movie. There Dr. Transfiguration, they made remakes of proletarian individual dog Sharik ago dog Sharik. So if you think that the doctor, as in most Misha Bulgakov, there was hope. And we all know that it is not true. And in the play casts Beads doctor on the street — without any criterion or compensation, promising its creator tribunal for which, as we know, was shot or the Gulag. After the performance is scary feeling. Shvonder now represented street gang from the gateway, which absolutely had the chance to manage the welfare of others. But even 20 years ago now Shvonder were zenitse own glorification — the true Bolsheviks, Pavel Korchagin, handcuffs with torn hearts elusive avengers … And it was the atmosphere in which he wrote Karatkevich. Specifically, the atmosphere, because it was infused through everything — including a long-standing history and detective. Lavon Barshcheuski just said about the absence of drama in romantic works Karatkevich. Naturally, there are dramatic and could not be, because the drama is likely where there is truth, because on another collapsed to the heroic atmosphere and censorship at the moment would have saw this upadnitstva or undermining the foundations. She could not escape the drama itself, because, as we know, wrote Karatkevich its historical detectives with sober calculation.
So out of 20 years, our society is changing, and the drama in it as there was no space and no. Maybe we do not move towards the development of Romanticism, and in working towards — a more conventional thoughts and feelings to follow primitivization just inside and around you. If you take a policy, it has been simplified in Belarus to the absolute and as a bureaucrat prezydentury saw, and in combination, by the way, also a writer, democracy is unacceptable for the Belarusian people. That’s why I have not been able to present himself to Vilna "Dog’s Heart" on the Minsk stage. Not because of the drama. And because of the truth. And is not that we have accepted as before glorification Shvondera. Absolutely not. The fact is that no matter what the truth is at least some form of today’s Belarusian society is becoming a challenge, which is typical for at least some of the authoritarian model. Because space and drama. Certainly someone prymruzhyts suspicious eye, "with whom it ironiziruesh you?" After all, who would not ironically, means something to you do not like is you against the target band? That’s what black corner we wandered over these 20 years.
Karatkevichava prose takes more evenly once it expired place beloved fiction Belarusian teenagers. Honorable place, because it is not that novel, which was admired in his youth, leaves something precious to you for life. And Karatkevichavy "spikes" or "Christ landed in Grodno" are already on the shelf next to "Ayvenga" and "Adyseyay Captain Blood." Another thing — Karatkevichava poetry, literature on all times adu
lt, really, as it should have been read. Today’s the anniversary of the writer and give us cause for this appreciative reading.

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