Why personal life politicians in Belarus remains taboo?

Information about the disease Chairman of the House of Representatives Konopleva caused the discussion on Internet sites about the personal lives of politicians. How to distinguish the disease from diplomatically true? Why Belarus is not accepted in public health open a discussion topic politicians? Closed due to need to find either in the tradition of the political system?
How to distinguish the disease from diplomatically true?
Valery Karbalevich "official media said that the Speaker of the House of Representatives Vladimir Konoplev resigned from the usual Russian times the phrase" state of health ". The only officials who commented on this information, the chief editor of "Russian Belarus" P.Yakubovich said that V.Konoplev unwell asthma and preparing for the operation. This caused a variety of comments. How to distinguish the political, diplomatic illness from the true? "
Alexander Klaskouski: "In 1-x, it must be emphasized that a fully healthy people do not. Because one does not exclude the other. As required any real disease can be used for political purposes.
Since Belarus is not inherently policy because there is no publicity in political life, in the case of Kanaplyou we can draw conclusions on circumstantial evidence. With kamentaryyav knowledgeable people that had Kanaplyou and business and political difficulties. The clouds were gathering over him, which gives reason to talk about the possibility of a large diplomatic roots of his illness. "
Alexander Starikevich: "It’s a question worth at" believe — do not believe it. "If a conversation from bad, then maybe those clouds that gathered over Kanaplyou, caused stress and, consequently, deterioration of health. There is such an option.
But to what extent have to be unhealthy, so to resign from his post as sergeant House of Representatives, which is quite comfortable and control which does not ask for huge effort? Besides, we know that Kanplev led sport life style, was captain of the parliamentary football team. Because I have not rejected any ability, but would bet on the fact that this disease diplomatically. "
Why Belarus is not accepted in public health open a discussion topic politicians?
Karbalevich: "Unlike other states, the health issue in Belarusian politics is closed. Can recall at first prezydentstva Lukashenko his entourage hid a safe disease as sciatica. Soon sudden disappearance from the political head of the country’s screen, which seriously explained presidential press service, generate various rumors about his health, that seems to work is not good style Lukashenko.
Also are independent media reported the heaviest disease former deputy governor of the presidential administration Misha Sazonov, KGB Chairman Vladimir Mackiewicz, Health Minister Lyudmila Postoyalko. But neither they themselves nor the authorities have not commented on this. Because the true sensation became the wife of Alexander Kozulin recognition of Ira own heaviest disease.
In other countries, the topic is not closed. In Russia, during heart surgery on President Yeltsin this question was the main political news. In Ukraine, President Yushchenko’s health issue has even become a means of political struggle. If the President of Poland Kaczynski came to the clinic, it has also become the main news. Why Belarus in this sense — an exception? "
Klaskouski: "It’s Russian heritage. During the" developed socialism "western" kremlinolyagi "talk about the" gerontocracy ", in other words, the power of the elderly in the USSR. We remember holding hands under the General Secretary Chernenko elderly. Because those criteria to talk about the health of Governors meant to show the then gnilasts entire system.
On the other hand, if there is no actual policy struggle not must be in good physical shape, then people cling to power through. Especially if it helps to solve business issues.
Undercover with general questions about the health chapter goes with the old times. Then there is the jungle law, and if the leader gave up the slack, it could kill rapidly. The current situation with disk imaging zasakrechvannem health senior officials shows that Belarus is not very far gone from the old forms of governance. "
Starikevich: "In globally policies do not advertise their health difficulties. They say about it when impossible to hide. Such was the situation with Yeltsin, and Yushchenko situation where almost everything was written on his face. Because in this matter, I do not see a Belarusian specificity.
While in Belarus hide easier, as a closed society, private power from the same society, pressed-independent media. Because the health of the head of the country we most likely will find out after his resignation. "
Closed due to need to find either in the tradition of the political system?
Karbalevich: "Maybe it’s here in the Belarusian traditions that do not allow to interfere in the personal life? Maybe this sphere does not need society because Belarus does not have the media industry, which would have earned money on lighting privacy recognizable people (politicians, artists, athletes, etc.)., No Journalists paparazzi? Either case in the political system? "
Starikevich: "Making money on topic Belarus unreal. And not because there is no demand. And as if something is written about recognizable people even more so officials about the big, someone will sue them from the tribunal of honor and merit. And the courts usually are in favor these people, Media to avoid the huge risk of sanctions.
In Ukraine, such media industry emerged after the "Orange Revolution." I think in Belarus such media appear after similar events. "
Karbalevich: "So, all the same, the problem in tradition, or in the political system? After law courts — these are the elements of the political system."
Starikevich: "The problem of the political system, which is based on tradition."
Klaskouski: "Of course, at least some politician strives look healthy and strong. Even flourishes such shovels show. Look at officials at" Minsk ski track. "It becomes even sorry not very athletic people, so after such force majeure man may be bad.
And in general it is a question of democracy. In the U.S., President Bush himself reports that fell from the high and scraped knee. Because if so find out the media, there will be a scandal, why he hid such a fundamental point for civilization. Since people have to know who controls them as healthy control. This norm of a democratic society.
And if there is no democracy in the country, the government is not accountable, there is no publicity, disk imaging not only for the health managers, and other basic issues. Here, for example, the government sold the state-owned shares of the company "Velcom", but no disk imaging to society about this no. "
Karbalevich: "Indeed, the closeness, zasakrechvanne ad Advertising lurking huge public spheres, including personal lives of politicians — is one of the principal features of undemocratic political regime. "
Klaskouski: "In the West, it is considered that the public face should be opened in all senses. We, on the contrary, the highest municipal entity doing special legislation for the protection of their honor and the pros."

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