Why Surikov again reminiscent of Abkhazia and South Ossetia?

Tsigankov"Why is virtually certain number of days before the parliamentary elections salting Surikov again recall that, Our homeland that very interested to Minsk recognized the independence of 2-republics? Is this a coincidence? "
Fedorov"At the moment, Our homeland is very willing, that the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, though acknowledged any of respectable countries. Indeed, until recognized only by Nicaragua, the movement" Hamas ", the Gagauz — and nobody else. It’s just insult one of the closest allies of the Russian Federation is not going to be recognized. Because Moscow presently will use all abilities to achieve this recognition.
Why for a few days before the election? Maybe it is connected with the statement Lukashenko that if the West does not recognize these elections, then throw Belarus dialogue with it. And such makarom Our homeland enjoys a moment, reminds about themselves — say, if there is that does not work, we are waiting for you with open arms. "

Tsigankov: "September 24 was posted full version of the interview Alexander Lukashenko zabugornye media. Chapter Belarus there are many read about Abkhazia and South Ossetia. How long official Minsk will continue its waiting position, maybe after the elections hold the pause? "
Fedorov: "From an interview with foreign media that while the position remains constant — the official Minsk keeps pausing. This again is due to the fact how the West would react to the election results. If he does not recognize them, the dialog if not stop, it will come down to a much smaller the level and intensity will be less. Belarusian authorities Then nothing remains as once again access to Moscow — but in this case do without recognition of these republics is unrealistic. Belarusian What time management will be able to pull even with the recognition? — Specifically, will depend on how will develop activities around the parliamentary elections "

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