Why the government was silent about the verdict Andrei Klimov?

The evening of the 7th September, it became clear that Andrei Klimov was sentenced in the Central district court of Minsk to two years in prison for distribution via the Web appeals against the government. The verdict was passed on August 1. Let me remind you, the policy first arrested in April and, according to This time held in Minsk remand.
The court said that the sentence has not yet entered into force. This also means that Andrei Klimov appealed and is awaiting review their own complaints in the city court.
Why only a month, it became clear to trial Andrei Klimov? Friend and collaborator on the Joint Klimov Igor civilian party Shynkaryk first reads about very intrigued by the Belarusian authorities to conceal the political processes even more so such public trial for presentation. Igor Shynkaryk recalls that in July received letters from Andrei Klimov from the detention center, and later a politician paused.

I.Shinkarik: "Its absolutely isolated whether in terms of information, or forced to believe that silence is a helpful … Publicity only makes sure that the regime will not lawlessness. "

"Its either completely isolated in terms of information, or forced to believe that silence would be more useful. But, as we see, the tribunal considers it is not enough, — says Igor Shynkaryk. — Only publicity gives confidence that power will not go to the legal mess, and more or less will behave according to the law. If know about it, maybe not such a sentence would be. "
I should add that before all appeals to the prosecutor there responded that the case is still under investigation Andrei Klimov, and only 7 September said that she has already been transferred to the court of the Central District. In the office of the court agreed to say only general information about the court, and then only with the permission of the court deputy chairman Leonid Yasinovich. Andrei Klimov relatives more than a month with reporters almost no contact.
"They behold the same, what we call, can, therefore, and do not raise"
The family of former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin prepare for the next meeting with him. Daughter Julia policy states that the deadline for the meeting is fine but not yet clearly defined.
"We plan. To do this, write a letter and ask dad when it is better."
The sides also need to agree with the administration of the colony. This can be done by phone, but the last sample Kozulin call relatives in the prison authorities were in vain.
"Their well worth caller ID, they behold the same, we call them. Maybe that’s why, and do not raise."
According to a recent letter from Alexander Kozulin of the colony, he feels satisfactory.
Dashkevich days are sent home kutsee letter which wrote his parents that everything is fine with him. Father’s favorite "Young Front" Vladimir Dashkevich states that offspring in the bullpen busy because every day sends the most diverse destinations 10s letters.
"As we were with him on a date, he said, that here yesterday wrote 25 letters. Imagine that only 25 envelopes sign — how much time is needed?"
In December of the year will be as Dmitry Dashkevich kept in Shklou colony on charges of participating in an unregistered organization. Total Dashkevich was sentenced to one and a half years in prison.
Brest prisoners izyalyataru streaming "Freedom"
This weekminutes on the same charges Young Front activists tried Azarko Anastasia and Ivan Shyla. In Nesvizhski tribunal process Anastasia Azarko Seviarynets Paul arrived — in the morning of a day or its just released from the detention center in Brest. It turned out, in jail, Paul told his employees about Anastasia sufferers because of it told Radio Liberty.
"We listened to the" Freedom "in prison, and the chamber was shocked amazement. All I asked who this Nastachka that threatens it and why is it stands on its own."
Let me remind you, Anastasia Azarko punished huge monetary fine, minor Ivan Shyla warned.
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