Will be trained in Russia repressed Belarusian students?

S.Karaganav: "The initiative will become the all-Russian scale"
Oh, so Karaganov explained to Radio Liberty essence own initiative:
"We will try to find methods to allow students to continue their education in Russia. This, of course, true. And we expect to launch this idea on a national scale. But for this it is necessary that this idea became clear that she has received recognition in the Russian society. Because, of course, it must first decide heads of universities, deans, etc., in each individual case. Maybe there will be a government decision and but likely, this should be done at the level of the public. "
Reporter: "In Poland already running a similar program to the repressed Belarusian students Kalinouski …"
"But realize we are not hostile Government of Belarus. Belarusians We wish to help and not to justify, Belarus bad. As it mattersPoles are. "
Reporter: "With the positive development of the situation, when the programm can earn real?"
"What does the programm? Just whenever something must be done immediately, that’s all. And it is not" cool "no applets. And just to give a good opportunity for students to learn. Do not hope that at least some student who was expelled because he idler, must enroll in prestigious Russian universities. But if he good student and fully understood that he was kicked out for anything, for political reasons, then you need to give him the opportunity to learn. "
Can we assume that the Russian political elite recognizes the human rights violations in Belarus, but for all that continues to support the Belarusian regime? Sovereign Karaganov in response to this question states that he denies any connection to the activities of the Belarusian-Russian human rights commission with Russian official structures of power. By him, real and only goal established by the commission — the protection of human rights in Belarus and Russia.
Yu.Aleynik: "Funny that in Russia they say about repressed"
Yuri Oleynik expelled from the 4th year of the Academy of Management under the President of the year, a week before the start of the summer session. Man collecting signatures for the preservation of student benefits today spring. On days of Moscow Oleinik met with the Deputy Head of the Department of the Municipal Institute of World Politics "Higher School of Economics", deported last year from Belarus political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev.
"Judging from the discussions, the ideas are really there. Initially I loaf that it’s just political statements and Suzdaltseva Karaganova. But I went to Moscow last week and saw that it was all quite close to reality, and the mood in Russia, such that the program that may be running, maybe even with the support of Human Rights Foundation Ella Pamfilova. Because I believe it is very a good idea. Remarkably, if this programm will work, but excellent that in Russia people like Karaganov argue about the existence of repressed students in Belarus and a willingness to support them. We will only thank if this programm work. At least, such is the mood there. "
Andrew Suzdaltsev states that the project is just beginning. Sovereign Suzdaltsev adds that lately is going to hold talks with the leaders of universities, which plans to organize politically active Belarusian students:
"It will be rated universities and diplomas are recognized in globally. As an example — Capital Municipal Institute (MSU), Peking Municipal Institute of international relations, the Municipal Institute "Higher School of Economics", where just and enters the Jura, completed the paperwork. But immediately say, there are problems. We know the state of higher education in Belarus, it must be understood that we do not wish padladkovvatstsa under it. Namely, the courses do not fit together — is outright decline year or even two.
Naturally, it can scare anyone, but people should be aware they will receive diplomas that are recognized in the world. With diploma Same or Higher School of Economics MSU person can work completely freely in at least some part of the globe. Because the game is worth the effort. After all, it’s a different education, a different level. But this problem, we must immediately determine. Since, I am sorry to send in some provincial universities are satisfied with the level of training in Belarusian universities, we do not go by this method. We need Belarusians vorachivalis not undereducated, and spices with severe acquired international standards of education. "
I.Kuley: "Russian idea — the fruit of the efforts of the Belarusian"
Managing Assistance Committee repressed in Belarus Inna Cooley Russian initiative on the dispensation of expelled students welcomed. And says that to a large extent it is the fruit of the Belarusian human rights defenders:
"We know about this offer and to be honest, this proposal sought. We have independent observer Council Committee — Lena Tonkacheva is an active participant in particular human rights programs with Russia (BHC chairman Tatyana Protko Tonkacheva and Lena went to a special intergovernmental human rights group). This question just was rising at a meeting, which explicitly states: other countries have responded to prepyadstviya expelled Belarusian students who intensely expresses its plainclothes position and Our homeland has not responded in any way actually. And these proposals are now voiced by Karaganova sovereign and sovereign Suzdaltseva side, this is a response to our request. Indeed, we believe: the more our students expelled specifically for its firm position will be trained in various countries, the better. Since we will need later, as we say "people’s diplomacy".
Representatives of Russian universities have not yet familiar with the initiative and Karaganova Suzdaltseva. Employee Higher School of Economics, where they work and Karaganov Suzdaltsev Tatiana Piskareva said:
"Do not open a discussion possible, and I, for example, did not even hear about it. Maybe it until it was as a proposal. But even if that happens, it is taking into account that we only universities and educational policy in any way we not associated with and seek political trends do not equate myself, because we unblemished economic education, then such a move could not be specifically and afishavatstsa. Indeed, virtually speaking, it can not even so much a political move, and the Humanities, or how to say .. . But most likely, it should appeal to those who perceived the decision — was such a conversation or not. Indeed I have no such disk imaging. "
An initiative Karaganova-Suzdaltseva not know in other mentioned Andrei Suzdaltsev universities — namely, the Metropolitan and Metropolitan Municipal Institut Municipal Institute of international relations.

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