Will Belarusian authorities to protect?

As an example of discrimination on linguistic signs Grigory Vasilevich mentioned the case of inmate Gomel Sergey Semenov. If month reversed vorachivalsya boy from Ukraine, customs officials have ordered him to fill in the declaration. Semenov Russian refused to fill in the form and asked to be given a form on whiteRussian language, for which he was eventually brought to administrative responsibility. Customs systematized it as "insubordination requirements official". Ultimately Tribunal sought to Semenov 30 baselines penalty — about 450 bucks.
Sergey Semenov found in Ukraine. The fact that his defense was the chairman of the Constitutional Court, he vyznat from the Web. At the moment, wondering: Will "custody" to assist in a similar process?
"In my next mon tribunal with such wording as" disobeying legitimate requirements of customs officers. " I again asked for a declaration on the Belarusian language and again they made me the same protocol. And, most likely, will consider the case the same referee Marina Domnenkov. I am very curious: what sentence it will make at the moment? Note: application to the Constitutional Tribunal, I still cook, but very satisfied that without my application they directed attention to this situation. "
The position of chairman Vasilyevich simultaneously reacted Municipal Customs Committee Alexander Shpileuski. During the press conference, he promised that the declaration forms in the Belarusian language will be posted lately. Bureaucrat even said that the absence of Belarusian documents — his personal error that will be very rapidly corrected.
"Cases of inadequate case for the Belarusian language quite uncommon, and they are not allowed", — Grigory Vasilevich stated. He appealed to his fellow judges, to be use of the Belarusian language at the request of stakeholders. Vasiljevic referred to as an example the Constitutional Tribunal, where all decisions are translated into Russian or Belarusian language regardless of the language in which the trial was conducted. Other structures on Vasilevich usually accept applications shall be removed, if they are written in Belarusian. Bureaucrat even quoted vision with our eyes resolution: "Re-apply for normal language." "Such a resolution is disrespectful to the language" — summed Vasilevich.
Sovereign Vasilevich told about not paranormal cases faced by citizens. For example, the Constitutional Tribunal addressed the entrant who has questions for centralized testing Belarusian language were written in Russian.
• The Constitutional Tribunal has stood up for the Belarusian language, 18.09.2007

• Do you want to declare in Belarusian — a tribunal 10.09.2007

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