Will it impose Belarus great deal with the European Union?

Discussions are political analyst Andrei Fedorov and teacher registered in Lithuania Euro Denis Melyantsou Humanities Institute.
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Valery Voronetsky took part in the conference on the European Union neighborliness with neighboring countries.
Or indicate this fact shifts in relations between Minsk and Brussels? How to assess the proposals of the Belarusian Deputy Minister? How severe zeal management Belarus do better things with the EU?
Why senior bureaucrat Belarus participates in the conference of the European Union?
Valery Karbalevich "Belarus’ participation in the conference in Brussels caused significant resonance in the Belarusian and international media.
Celebrated as the fact of something extraordinary role of official Belarusian representatives in the event of the European Union, by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Voronetsky. Russian media even regard it as anti-Russian step.
Indeed whether this fact there is something unusual? Either this is a house event, inviting a representative of Belarus came from a purely formal reasons? "
Andrei Fedorov: "This first conference of the EU-level in such European Neighbourhood Policy, in which participate as representatives of the European Union and neighboring countries.
Belarus formally comes into the circle of states with which the EU wants to establish good cause. But the part of Belarus the European initiative was not supported. Between Belarus and the EU has no contract accordingly.
Because participation in the Deputy Minister Voronetsky in this conference there is nothing unusual. By the way, the emperor himself Voronetsky said in his speech that the negotiations between Minsk and Brussels go. But what the terms of the parties, it is not clear. "
Denis Melyantsou: "Indeed, nothing unusual in the participation of Deputy Minister Voronetsky in this conference not. Formal grounds Belarus impossiblecould not invite.
Manage Belarus would be willing to do business with the EU neighborly. But for this it is necessary to make political concessions that put Brussels in November last year. "
Belarus Europe offers?
Karbalevich, "Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Valery Voronetsky in his speech reflected on the whole complex of relations between Belarus and the EU, noted the significant role of Belarus in the pan-European capital was invited to invest in the Belarusian economy, proposes to abolish tariff barriers to trade, the highest price for a visa and so on. But any specific proposals were heard.
Since January Lukashenko stated that we want to offer European joint projects in the energy field.
That bureaucrat DOE proposed to upgrade the power line "Ross-Bialystok" to make electricity ring with the EU. As it is crucial for the European countries? Generally there any real projects in Belarus, Minsk that could offer the EU? "
Fedorov: "This project is relatively power band seems very small. Hardly because it is not created European electricity wheel.
Sovereign Voronetsky faster outlined the development of relations with the European Union than some suggestions. The only definite thought — the decision of the visa issue. In addition, Sovereign Voronetsky little exaggerated importance in the EU policy of Belarus. Here is issued for want things. "
Melyantsou ‘Sire Voronetsky speeches at the plenary session, because no specific proposals he could not be. Proposal about energy projects — is more directly.
If the EU does not support this proposal against the euro electricity ring, it will be the basis Minsk read that here, not the EU wants to develop cooperation with us. In general the EU remains to Minsk fallback if things deteriorate with Russia altogether. "
Indeed official Minsk seeks to make the case with the EU?
Karbalevich: "Should sure to look at the case of Belarus and the EU in the wider context of foreign policy official Minsk. Here for example, at the conference in Brussels, the EU and adjacent countries are represented by ministers of foreign affairs.
A Belarus came from the Deputy Minister, and the Minister Martynov went to Iran for the NAM ministerial meeting — and there came out against the West’s position on the issue of Iran’s nuclear applets. Political background speech Deputy Minister in Brussels are Trials activists "Young Front" and strengthen the persecution of the opposition.
The same project electricity exports to Poland comes amid trial Polish spies, and commentary Lukashenko to the incident when the famous Polish politicians not allowed Check-in Belarus, was this: "Dali in the face — and was right." Dyki official Minsk seeks to make the case with the EU? "
Fedorov, "On this question definitely not the answer. Certainly the official Minsk is committed to making the case with the EU. These intentions have become bolshennymi after New conflicts with Russia. But managing Belarus is willing to do business with the EU’s own criteria. In other words, it is not going to make the political criteria, which put forward the EU.
These criteria did not say anything in his speech and the emperor Voronetsky. However, at this conference the problem of human rights does not actually open a discussion. Because Belarus is not very much out of context of this forum.
Repressions against the opposition suggests that no progress towards democratization Belarusian authorities do not intend. In this situation it is unclear whether the EU will take steps towards Belarus. "
Melyantsou: "Map of the EU has been played in the spring. Minsk Then seek dialogue. Came to Belarus President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Van der Linden, conducted joint seminars. Belarusian authorities in Europe have sought investment loans.
But these plans did not materialize. Moreover, the EU deprived Belarus trade preferences. Whereupon suffered a setback in relations. Frozen issue with opening consulates in Minsk European Commission. Respect back to last year’s level.
And the fact that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Martynov did not go to Brussels, and Iran is catchy index values of foreign policy of Belarus.
Today, the main vectors of foreign policy of Belarus — is our homeland and the Non-Aligned Movement. And the EU — a fallback. Belarus is currently profitable to develop business with the EU is not in the political sphere, but in the economic — first energy. "
Fedorov: "Indeed, if not held political affairs, could actively develop economic affairs. But the problem is, Belarusian authorities do suitable criterion for verbovaniya investment. "
Karbalevich "So makarom, role of official representatives of Belarus in the EU conference in Brussels on good neighborliness with bordering countries does not mean some shift in relations between Belarus and the European Union. Obstacle to the normalization of relations is undemocratic political regime that exists in Belarus. "

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