Will September 17 reddish funny day calendar?

Almost 70 years of joining the Western Belarus to the Belarusian SSR causes a number of conflicting views. At the official level throughout Russian history states that the September 17, 1939 marked an historic event for Belarus: Russian troops regained terrain that 20 years was under Polish rule.
If all this does not happen often, so the official bureaucrats memory quoted witness events Maxim Tank, which in the hot trail wrote: "No communiques, no reports, no later evidence historians can not convey the interest and the joy with which the workers of Western Belarus welcomed reddish the army. "
Or will celebrate September 17 collector Slavic lands?
Deputy Director of the Institute of Theory and Practice of the Academy of Management under the President Leo Kryshtapovich convinced that the "historical truth" urgent requests and calendar adjustments prazdnichkom:
"If viewpoint domestic policy, there are no alternatives can not be. November 14, 1939 was adopted law by the Supreme Soviet on the admission of West Belarus in the Russian Belorussian Socialist Republic. And — as it was explained in the sequel — so majestic reunion came Belarusian people in a single Belarusian government. Oh, so I think the main point with which we must approach these events and display them on the basis of beliefs of historical truth. "
The other day, the celebration of the anniversary of the unification of the people of Belarus in Minsk held a "round table" on the events of September 17, 1939. Topic determined exactly: "Truth and heresy about the reunion of Western Belarus and the Belarusian SSR." The event was participated by representatives of the Belarusian Union of officers, military-scientific committee of the Ministry of Defense, the Executive Committee of the Council of the Belarusian consulate Slavic peoples of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, associations "Rus", Youth Union and the PBC.
Participants proposed to see at the next meeting of the Supreme Council of the Union of the country the question of giving the solemn days of the Belarusian unity status, and submit it to the calendar of anniversaries allied countries. The relevant proposal focuses Alexander Lukashenko, who has long Slavophile organization called "collector Slavic lands." This refrain sounds and ending the letter: "In September 1939 began the liberation campaign of the Red Army, which provided the reunification of the Belarusian lands."
NO release, and trade between totalitarian states?
Participants of the meeting strongly criticized foreign and internal forces that the other day round date seek to show "distorted actions related to the heroic struggle of the people of Western Byelorussia for union with the Byelorussian SSR and the USSR role in the liberation of the Belarusian lands."
But are independent analysts emphasize that the actions of September 1939 had not only a positive value for the Belarusians. As the historian Alex Lord, after the unification of the terrain of Western Belarus began mass collectivization, which radically changed the lives of thousands of people. In addition, we can not forget about the events that led to the liberation campaign:
"Reunification of Belarusian lands historically justified and fair. But September 17, 1939 — itself for itself phenomenon, which fits perfectly into the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, in other words in the division of spheres of impact 2-totalitarian countries.
Association of Belarusian land — a fair deal in the framework of unfair. And now raise the question of whether in order to give days of this date value solemn, the date of unification, not only incorrect, but actually debatable and from a historical perspective. This initiative — a continuation of the recovery or the creation of "Stalin Line", which in reality was not presented to the context. Ideological framework the same. "
Russian end kantrabandystskaga Eldorado
Rakov city was once an outpost of the Soviet-Polish border by Western Belarus and number of prototypes capitalization. Painter Felix Yanushkevich that collects personal gallery "Yanushkevich" evidence of pre-Soviet history Rakov, knows: free life Rakovci ended together with their Sovietization:
"What is Rakov until 1939? This shop 134, 96 restaurants, four brothels. For gold we have not played in a casino, but in Rakov walked cards and walked royal penny: each toting a bag of gold, drew out a saucer. Books in the then cancers called "kantrabandystskim Eldorado", the golden capital.
Naturally, we do not deposit a gold here. It’s just Lenin made commitments to the European financial groups, and security officers drove through Rakov gold. In general, hence the legal wagons leaving indemnity: KGB customized carts with gold here, here taking over liabilities Polish side. But in the end most of these funds fell into shadow Bankovaja structure. In including on the way of the gold sprawling and pockets of the local population. "
Reporter: "How to 1939 in Rakov was the people?"
Yanushkevich "6.5 thousand. And at the moment 2.5 thousand, as in the retreat of the Germans. Indeed, after the retreat of us," finished off "second tips. Came brigade KGB us Poles called names and a lot of people that went on through Poland. were those who sympathized with, the young guys who are purely Polish states warned to put great facilities and a priest "umotvalisya" here: "Either you expect to Siberia and Kazakhstan." And not surprisingly, that two thousand signed Poles and left. "

Felix Yanushkevich displays the attributes of the inhabitants of pre-Soviet Rakov (photo creator)
• Official historians — for the proclamation of September 17 municipal prazdnichkom,

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