Will the loan Our homeland official Minsk?

In the Russian Ministry of Finance said that soon planned to bring an amendment to the current budget as a whole. This may affect the question of the loan. Techno parties continue work and agree on the text of a special agreement.
According to Russian Deputy Managing department of international financial relations Vyshkovskaga Constantine, the question of credit Belarus and is not removed.
But does it need, if the official Minsk paid all debts for gas?
"Credit questioned in general to overcome the difficult period associated with the new billing procedures for energoelementy. Fact that money back, does not mean that the situation was normalized.
Certain difficulties may be temporary. There proclamation of the Belarusian side, and in this regard we are working to prepare the technical level, do the preconditions for granting such a loan, "- said K.Vyshkovski.
In the RF Ministry of Finance argued that the credit can only be given on commercial criteria. But, in general, for this necessary decision of the Russian government, formalized order. While no such orders.
Konstantin Vyshkovsky said:
"There are a lot of reasons any. Necessary to find the source of these funds. Changes in the budget it means, providing this amount to spend on loan to Belarus, it is necessary in some places to find these tools. The amount is large, it is not in the budget. At the theoretical level it may be, and in fact — this work needs to hold. "
A for Belarusian Government approaching another date by which you must pay for energoelementy.
Representative of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov recalled when Belarus must pay:
"Until the 23rd of each month."
Or received funds to "Gazprom"?
"We do not disclose this disk imaging" — meets Sergei Kupriyanov.
When asked what the prices will be next year for gas for Belarus, sire Kupriyanov said:
"Prices will share respectively with formulas written in the contract.’s All."
Managing Mises Center Yaroslav Romanchuk does not approve of the Belarusian government policies aimed at obtaining zabugornyh credits:
"For two-Three years we can increment our debt from 15% of GDP to 50. So makarom, that we will be taking in Russia, will be used not for modernization, harmonization of our economy to the standards of global prices energoelementy, but just for eating away. Kanservatsyyu on the model that already fails.
Such lending — a very scary game. We pay for these loans inflation, loss of deposits and that will lose competitiveness in the Russian and international markets. "
Our homeland and rush to market business. All, 11.06.2007 • Russian Finance Ministry did not give Belarus a soft loan, 31.07.2007

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