Will the registration of mandatory relief from registration?

From January 1, 2008 will change residence registration at the place of residence. This is defined in a decree signed by Alexander Lukashenko. Procedure for registration is meant to do one for the whole area of the country for the people of Belarus, so for foreigners and stateless persons who constantly live in Belarus. For registration, the applicant shall apply to the authorized person (this may be the chief ZhESa) — to apply for and obtain a passport after a suitable die.
Permit and registration: Find the Difference
To clarify the meaning of innovation tomorrow at a joint press conference are representatives of the Interior Ministry, the presidential administration and other municipal agencies. But now, in an interview with BelTA Managing Department of Citizenship and movement of Internal Affairs Anatoly Lanin said that in accordance with the order to "de-bureaucratization" number of relevant documents for registration significantly reduced.
Specifically fill out forms for registration, if you already have a residence permit, Belarusian citizens will not have to. With the change of residence registration will skasovvatstsa stamps, and take their place mark registration.
Unlike another until the current procedure registration, in accordance with the decree of man must register for a day or three. In controversial moments when additional documents are needed to clarify the details of the person, the registration will be stretched till 2 weeks. But the applicant has to fill in the registration form only, the rest of the case — law enforcement agencies.
Permit since the early 1990s is regulated by legislative acts. Their does not specify how long the procedure may continue registration. All depends on how rapidly bidder will collect the necessary documents — from the local Department of Internal Affairs, which allows you to extract, from the passport office who perceive a candidate for "balance", reports from the village council or ZhESa from which people "admatsovvaetstsa" and Part of the hostel or housing and communal services, which will serve in the future.
In addition, in the case of registration husband and wife, still need a completed form F-15, certified by the director of the VES, marriage certificate, registration certificate for an apartment. During registration parents to kids living space: a completed form, passport underage kids, babies birth certificate, registration certificate for an apartment. In the case of registration kids: a completed form, a passport, a copy of the front accounts (VES recipient at his residence), the log on the flat.
In all cases, for yourself, you must have a receipt for payment of state duty and a certificate of passing gas devices use briefing. Almost always running stretched on for months.
According to Lukashenko’s decree, registration at the place of residence will be certain restrictions. Thus, the registration may be denied if the person has at least 15 square meters (in Minsk — less than 20 meters), and in dorms — Least 6 "squares" (the above restrictions do not apply to residence registration of close relatives).
As for the registration, you can not be registered if person has least 12 square meters of living space. But given that on January 1, 2008, would not be considered habitable, and the total area, it hardly changes the situation.
Cancel registration simplify labor migration?
Permit remains a headache for those who work for other purposes or trying to change their place of residence. As Matthew says Gulyaev, who arrived in Minsk Mogilev, so as not to lose important work for him on one of the capital companies a couple of times had peraprapisvatstsa. Last time — in the spring:
"I can say that registration for six months worth 400 bucks. But I think that at the moment become even more so as to stay home became much more expensive, and all that is connected with the housing, as in increased rates. And the essence is this: prices directly depend on the length of residence, speed design. I talking about those, who gives ads like "prescribe in Minsk, Minsk region." After Minsk region enough to work in the capital. In other words, being able to without the help of others to get to work and vorachivatsya back, then you take the job without a residence permit, and for all that employers do not pay tax on your employment. Because if it is indeed canceled, then, of course, the people who rented housing for registration, will be quite huge losses. "
Get a job in a certain region of Belarus, having registered in another will be as before is unrealistic. But the views of the Research Institute Manager Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Svetlana Shevchenko, the substitution of residence registration will allow not only to facilitate labor migration in the country’s borders, and enticed foreigners in Belarus:
"Take the same agricultural areas in the Brest region. Work there many immigrants from Ukraine. And the best part is not officially regitsya as organizations that employ them, just do not have the necessary funds to pay fees in connection with processing them as legitimate migrants.
Because there is such a problem. With one side, need labor, they lured her with pleasure, but given the complex financial and economic situation in agriculture organizations faced with a situation when not consciously register the labor force and the Interior Ministry on the ground staring at it through the fingers, as they understand: in they really can not afford to register. "
Registration required to cancel more first 1990s
Last arbiter of the Constitutional Court Valery Fadeev recalls that the abolition of registration raised more first 1990s:
"I participated in drafting the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. And there we already talk about the freedom of choice of residence, freedom of movement, etc. This just mean that we will stop and from the institution of registration. I think we are already delayed, as they say, to indecency with a decision this issue . "
Reporter: "While this residence change something planned?"
"Just not called, than to change it. Though, say, the institution of registration was called. Since it exists in other states. We proceeded from the fact that registration, unlike registration has vvedamlyalny temper. Yet for all this problem appears the number of square meters on 1 person etc. . "
Reporter: "That is some substitution, although formal, should be?"
"In fact, probably should, since there prepyadstviya and search a person in connection with the criminal events. Cause something must, so it was. And maybe check in this case — this is the institution that can meet the needs of both the country and the population. Another thing, how it will be cooperated. Because even see … "
G.Pogonyaylo: Was residence — will check, 10.09.2007

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