With Tatiana Seviarynets require means for withdrawing from the election

Tatiana Seviarynets that on Sept. 23 refused upcoming role in the elections as a candidate for the Vitebsk-Gorky district number 17, received a letter with the order to return the money spent on campaign.
According to Tatiana, the letter indicated the amount that it should return — 1329511 rubles. This figure is very astonished former female candidate, who used to campaign leaflets 560 thousand allocated according to the law of 50 basic units, or 1750 thousand rubles.
She called the Commission, where she was pronounced that in charge of it including and the funds invested by the state in its election campaign. Opposition leader claimed the exact calculation of these costs because there is, how Government helped her get out campaigning.
Recall that Tatiana Seviarynets withdrew from the election on the grounds that this campaign does not consider democratic. Prior to the respective statements to the commission and she made a number of documents which indicate obstacles in the process of the campaign. Namely, four-out of companies and institutions, where Tatiana Seviarynets wanted to meet with voters, and two failure to conduct campaign pickets.
The district commission recognized prerequisites for which the activist turned down the role in the elections, unproven and biased, and therefore decided to repay the funds.
In Vitebsk newspapers carried reports that in the Vitebsk-Gorky constituency number 17 was the only candidate — Chairman of the Vitebsk City Council Gennady Gritskevich. Posters posted at polling stations, photo Tatyana Seviarynets crisp white sheet of paper pasted over, and under the name and surname written the word "retired."

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