Without democratic configurations deal with the EU is unlikely to swap

English diplomat saw that "the choice is to Belarus" and stressed that "without democratic configurations in the case of Belarus is unlikely to swap radically."
By Nigel Gould-Davies, "the development of a housekeeper and Energy, of course, important. But even more fundamentally recognize that the European Union — is not only an economic union, but also a political and legal society. There are common ethical and moral values."
Previously Thomas Gombart employee of the French Institute Foreign Affairs, said in an interview with the Polish newspaper «Dziennik»: «France, Germany and England realized Belarus — it is not a Russian province, and that we need a different strategy in its relations with Minsk: more contacts and gradual "hollowing out" of the regime, because the previous policy against Belarus ended in complete failure. "
"The EU has no way for authoritarian governance Belarus choose what areas to cooperate," — said Christian Homan, a spokesman for the European Commission — in an interview with "Freedom" that the European Union will not agree to closer economic cooperation with Minsk in Belarus while not occur shifts towards democratization.
The European Union will allow Lukashenko not to touch the areas of cooperation, 6.09.2007

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