World After September 11: The End of History or Cutyknenne civilizations?

"The U.S. government kept the prestige of democratic institutions .."
Tsigankov: "Taken read that the world has changed after September 11, 2001. It took 6 years and now, it seems, can be more relaxed assess if it was not giperbalay exaggeration? "
Akudovich: "For me, the action September 11 assured a sad news. I realized, as an institution of democracy is still weak, despite a century of its own making. If terrorists managed to arrange another 2-3 such actions, the Americans for the sake of peace and tranquility in own country elected to all authoritarian and totalitarian government, which promised them to cope with failure. That, in general, is understandable, because human life is dearer than the political and social forms, with whom he lives this life. "
Tsigankov: "I think that many people do not agree with your thesis that which, in the end, sounded more than once from different sources."
Akudovich: "Of course, many would argue, but note how little we had to introduce various limitations, so to start mass wide counterterrorism operation. We should thank the U.S. authorities that could dilemma — not only kept quiet in his own house, and kept the prestige of democratic institutions as a universal model of the modern civilized world. "
"The world is not willing to settle until one civilization scheme …"
Tsigankov "Mr. Lord, what would you have marked as fundamental that has changed in the world since September 11, 2001?"
Hurt "Today led to the trends of globalization, which were long and that last and at the moment. This "dark" and "light" side of globalization. "Dark" is that technological progress that develops despite the level of political organization, enables the use of terror scary ways.
Raring to reduce democratization to drift towards authoritarian methods are also indicated. Here I agree with the sovereign Akudovich. And the reward of American democracy is that these aspirations has been contained and while to find the balance that helps build and sustain democratic wave deter terrorism. "
Tsigankov: "Let’s turn our attention to another nuance September 11. In the 1990s, under the influence of the famous book by Francis Fukuyama’s" End of History "where a lot of the idea prevailed that liberal democracy is no more historical rivals that of all other regions of the world will go in this direction . 6 years after September 11 showed that it is not exactly that many countries and regions want to live even in undemocratic, but own their own systems. "
Akudovich: "Indeed, the world is not willing to settle until one civilization scheme. However, I think that the Muslim world is at war not only with the civilization and the other world, as expressed his frustration from being unable to realize his formula as formula Muslim social and political system.
Islam — the religion quite young, still full of energy, but she was born too late and got into a situation where the globalized world. For those forms and practices of life that Islam is voiced, in this world there is no place. Hence the great despair. "
"Friends of the Belarusian authorities — the same historical fossils"
Hurt: "When we talk about" civilizational choice, "I’d barely landed it. September 11 we attended manifestations do not fight for civilization choice, but a struggle for power with the introduction of big ideas. And it’s not new, when a large mass thought justified victim, and immediately justified his zeal for possessions.
And another caveat. For us, Belarus fundamentally what civilizational choice Belarus lingered for 15 years. And exactly this choice should be in line with the democratization and democratic change. "
Akudovich: "The Belarusian authorities have expressed great sympathy for countries where apparently supported terrorism. But it is not for love of terrorism as such. Simply adslanivshy themselves from the civilized world, their is no other choice to break the siege of isolation …"
Tsigankov "… Precisely say — isolation. "
Akudovich: "It’s definitely self-isolation — posled the policies pursued power. But pretty soon she found that to be in isolation is not very comfortable and psychologically, not explain that the electorate. Had to find friends because, historically, the political resources, such as themselves.
I agree one hundred percent with the sovereign Lord, that at some point we have to leave this situation and change our current casual friends. We are completely different, and because our friends must be other. "

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