Ya.Maksimyuk: Expanding the social base of the protest in Belarus no

Kalinowski: "Ian, please briefly prove own conclusion.’s The Belarusian opposition’re going to participate in the parliamentary elections, in other words, to act as a political force, not dissidents …"
Maksimyuk: "Here the question is not in complete analogy, and in certain similarities. Saying that the Belarusian opposition was in the role of dissidents, I mean that its impact on the narrow circle ambmezhavany people, opposition to the regime, without any outer support.
Everything revolves in the same group of people — it’s the same, what happened 1970-80-ies. among Russian dissidents nor the midst of dissidents other states Communist bloc. Their was no means of communication with the wider society. So at the moment the regime in Belarus has limited their ability to narrow range. Five to ten thousand come to the demonstration on March 25, but it’s the same people, the expansion of the social base of the protest no. "
Kalinowski: "Do I need to change the Belarusian opposition, respectively dissident strategy?
Maksimyuk: "I think not, I still look at the Belarusian situation with optimism. Believe that the Belarusian opposition is not permitted, so it really turned into a dissident because dissidents speak out so have no effect on life inside own country.
Naturally, they evoke sympathy beyond. But after 1996, the Belarusian opposition in Belarus has a lot of sympathy in Europe and has more, but if there is a speech about the impact on the course of affairs in his country, he was small.
Some opposition rally resemble dissident action — the expulsion of any protests to the authorities or abroad, this is what we remember from the communist era. But the real opposition should participate in the political life of the country even if field for this activity is very limited, first — in elections, local, parliamentary and presidential. "
Kalinowski: "In other CIS states, in the same RF, Kazakhstan, the opposition is not a force capable of competing power … They also dissidents?"
Maksimyuk: "That may be true, but if you talk about the extent to which the opposition is limited and controlled by the authorities in their actions, there is a clear favorite of Belarus. Practically, when 3-4 persons wish to gather at flzhsh mob, they come in place, but already there … If the police are talking about total control over the lives of the opposition here is ahead of Belarus all states The CIS. "

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