Young front — 10 years

Malady first favorite was Paul Seviarynets. He recalled that the organization experienced a crisis, she twice threatened to split.
Some members of the organization during the crisis formed the latest company "Bison". After the introduction of the Criminal Code Article 193rd friends "Bison" said disband the organization.
"Young Front" continued to act and showed himself during a street protest rallies.
Nine activists of "Young Front" KGB and prosecutors lured to criminal responsibility for his role in an unregistered organization. Dashkevich this time, serving 18 months in prison in Shklou bullpen.
Paul says Seviarynets:
"The core of" Young Front "was formed from those people, which, after the demonstrations were going on Varvasheni 8. Milled and talked together … First, opposition figures considered "Young Front" just as errand boys, to be posted, serve time, but independent role is not visible.
But the "Young Front" began to operate without the help of others and in 2000 developed his own program from its based on a Christian-democratic values. Faith in God and love for Belarus give a winning combination. "
Lena Makarevich remembered that last year during the campaign against activists "Young Front" KGB instituted about forty criminal cases — Tipo for terrorist activities.
Summoned for questioning several 10’s of people. Do activists do searches, confiscated computers, which until This time remain in the prosecutor’s office.
"After the presidential election campaign against the Young was brought about forty criminal cases. Virtually every member of our organization has been in jail for his role in Akrestsin in mass actions. The fact that power We fear evidenced by the fact that about BPF, where we were allowed to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the police are already in the morning "- says Lena Makarevich.
Activist "Malady Front" Artur Finkevich punished "chemistry" for two years for political graffiti. Says Artur Finkevich:
"According to our internal documentation, for these 10 years later" Young Front "circa 19 thousand people. Currently these people — who is where. Who leads some company, who works as a journalist, who in non-governmental organization. "
Favorite free registration of the Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya whopper" Statkevich tried together with Pavel Sevyarynets for the company street protests against the rigged elections and the 2004 referendum.
"Young Front" — is self-organization. Maybe One of the most influential, as it specifically against the regime uses the strongest repression. Malady — our partners in the "European Coalition". We cooperate with them as equal partners. The organization of idealists romantic future of Belarus ", — considers Statkevich.
Now the Young gala evening meeting. Congratulate their policies and public figures.
The Ministry of Justice denied registration to a public organization Young Front, 24.01.2001 • Now appoint the arbitrator in the case of "Young Front", 13.04.2007

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