Yu.Garadetski: Pavarotstsi remained unexplored planet for me

Honored Artist of Belarus, baritone Victor Skorobogatov in time trained at Milan’s La Scala — he was in the season when there was singing Domingo and not Pavarotstsi. Because directly contact with majestic tenor he failed:
"My friends who spoke with him, always says that the very role in the play Pavarotstsi have somehow raised the bar, and they sang better than they could on Actually. "
Luciano Pavarotstsi was a prototype and emblem true Italian singing school and the benchmark for all singers. His care, and care as other members of his generation, one hundred percent can change the situation in the singing of music globally, says Victor Skorobogatov:
"The second half of XX century for male singers still was marked by several such names, which generally determined fashion for opera singing. Course, this Bruzon, of course, is of Corelli, of course, is Domingo. And when I started to leave here this galaxy , at the moment we we see, that this is at the crossroads while Opera thing in the world. "
Soloist Belarusian Opera and today dyplyamant Francisco Viñas Competition in Barcelona, tenor Yuri Gorodetsky says that, like all young singers, brought on records Pavarotstsi, when he was still a student of musical college.
Gorodetsky, "I listened to a lot of tenors, but Pavarotstsi, I think, for me, was such obscure and unexplored planet. His death, of course, is not only a loss for the singers, for people that have some relation to the opera, but for the entire world of music. "

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