Yu.Hodyko: We look forward to the concessions by the authorities …

Bushlyakov: Euro Now organizers of the march at a press conference in Minsk said they seek out contacts with the authorities in order to ensure peaceful conduct of Euro march. Tell me, please, present day — Do organizers received at least some answers from the authorities? There are, for example, the response to the application for the march itself — this application was passed in August in Minsk city executive committee?
Khadika: Well, of course, that the wait for a response from the Minsk city executive committee still very early. After all, they, of course, will be held norms enshrined in the law and will give us an answer specifically for 5 days. And the essence of this initiative is that we have addressed with a special request to the deputy head of the encounter Presidential Administration Mrs. Pyatkevich. Taking into account that it is time, vowing not to disperse demonstrations representative of the State Department of the United States, this promise has withstood. Well, that apparently she has such abilities, because in order to ensure a peaceful demonstration character, without battery, without paddy without regular political prisoners, was formed as part of the conciliation commission executive committee Marinich Sannikov Ivashkevich Khadika and we took the initiative to such previous meeting in order to achieve the goal — verbovaniya greatest number of people and begin a dialogue with the Belarusian society, to begin implementation of the strategy, which was approved by the 7th Congress of Democratic Forces.
Bushlyakov: Why specifically at the moment — in October? Why specifically European march? Why are you in such a braked title of this action?
Khadika: In truth, the name might be different, but the fact, that the economic situation in the country is compounded, as evidenced by such a fussy policies of the current regime to find loans for plugging a hole in the state budget. And such assistance can only really give a democratic peace, a Europe that will give them provided certain concessions regime towards democratization of public life and economic reforms. Since it depends on us and we are interested in the democratization of political life, it is very comfortable situation to start a dialogue intended. Nobody, of course, we can not guarantee success, but to lose hope, I believe, is unrealistic.
Bushlyakov: Euro march organizers announced back in August about the route of this action — are you ready to open a discussion with the authorities yourself route march?
Khadika: Be sure that the purpose of our proposed meeting with Pyatkevich would be primarily matching route disposition agreement demonstration — we could take on the responsibility not to frighten the inhabitants of this "Reddish home," we were not going to encourage people to any forcible action. Peaceful march with the popularization of the 12 criteria put forward by the European Union of Belarus with the promise of significant economic support. Since our people are interested in it, then he is interested in the political democratization.
Bushlyakov: Can we currently state that the upcoming October 14 European March — this is a common action of all the democratic forces of Belarus.
Khadika: Anyway, the conciliation commission has legal support from all parties on the democratic forces». If you mean special relationship to many events of the Movement "For Freedom", it — for such negotiations, and means and the European march. I think it will be the total share.
Bushlyakov: Now our reporter conducted a survey about the cinema "October". They asked people: "What can force you to take part in a street protest?" …

… whether in the poll sudden you the answers?
Khadika: In a certain sense, was the sudden interest with which young people were that if they do not, then who will fight for freedom our country.
Bushlyakov: As founders of the Euro going to march to deliver information about this action?
Khadika: In 1-x, has not held a press conference, and we very much look forward to the support of the media-independent, because that goal that puts itself ahead of the European March — it is certainly in favor of the Belarusian people, although it is certain support the existing regime, because the European financial assistance in passing the existence of this regime continues. But without it, we are waiting for a deep crisis. Now the press conference, Dr. Bahdankevich it very vividly illustrated by showing that the debt of our country grows inexorably and in 2012 reached a value which is equal to half of the GDP. All this clearly indicates that those forecasts, which-independent media and journalists did not believe — that our mode expects financial tragedy — are beginning to be realized.
Bushlyakov: As organizers of Euro behold the route of the march, the company shares on October 14? Where up to where?
Khadika: Apply for collection on October Square and hold a rally at the State Library. Great route. Naturally, we will agree to open a discussion gathering place, if it will cause some dissatisfaction with the special regime. But in any case we will stick to this direction and lay still hope for concessions from the government, because again wish to highlight: the purpose of the march — the achievement of understanding between Belarus and Western Europe, democratic countries, the European Union, which will be useful for the people as for the regime and the opposition.

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