Zahar Shibeko Orlov has a unique ability poetic lyakanizmu

Vladimir Orlov written and published "Freedom" book "Names of Freedom" worth several volumes. So says the next book reviewers — Doctor of Historical Sciences Dr. Zahar Shibeko:
"Already on the grounds that on each figure can write a separate book. And this, incidentally, will be the impetus for future research in our state heroes.
The second basic incentive to continue what he started, Vladimir Orlov is the scientific value of this book. Created not only collected material, and many biographies made himself, questioning witnesses, applying so called way of "oral history". And in those biographies that have already been made, did clarify the facts of their lives. "
Zahar Shibeko believes that Orlov did seemed indescribable — situated under one cover 261 portrait Belarusian patriots.
"I think it is unlikely that another work, as Vladimir Orlov has a unique ability poetic lyakanizmu. And because this book and information, and at the same time fascinating. I think she will find a response in the reader."
Zahar Shibeko draws attention on innovation — an indicator compiled Vladimir Orlov, in which displays their own vision peryyadyzatsyi Belarusian movement.
"It made for the first time — said the emperor Shibeko — previously was an indescribable mixture of different views, and at the moment it is a harmonious system, which built the creator. "
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