110:0 in favor of the authorities

The new parliament looks more bureaucratic officialdom as true. In the midst of the new deputies — bureaucrats of the Presidential Administration, Managing Vitebsk regional executive committee vice-chairmen of regional executive committees a number of areas, urban bureaucrats and regional levels. As usual, came to the House of doctors and teachers, lawyers and law enforcement officers, executives of some companies.
In the brand new parliament will be two artists — to Gennady Davydko joins Svetlana Sukhovey. Deputy and became a journalist — Ivan Bogatka column. Continue the work of the previous convocation of 29 deputies. Dame is the same, still — 33.
Will not be in the House of Representatives 4th convocation only opposition.
Lidia Yermoshina reads this way:
"The opposition recently elections in Belarus has become unfashionable. And some candidates out of the parties on the ballot so that no reference to party candidates. Because state that it was beneath the banner and walked with dignity to Parliament, it is not necessary."
Political scientists have directed attention to the fact that in the latest ward were not even today two deputies who were called parliamentary Fronde — Olga Abramova and Viktor Kuchinsky. Minsk analyst Vaclav Oreshko explains it this way:
"To be honest, as soon as I have already created impression that most likely will not be useful Lukashenko in parliament, so to speak, people from the side. Authorities decided that all goes well, in other words there are some cosmetic changes, there is an imitation real configurations. And because there is no completely no sense to skip any suspicious people in parliament. Since Lukashenko for this feeling of defeat.
I think, on the one hand, there is another attempt to fool Europe. On the other hand, I think there is a psychological approach — he can not build competitors can not build it like losing. "
Political scientist Alexander Lahvinets notes that now the central and regional authorities together deputies determined:

Ales Lahvinets"In my opinion, a reflection of both the central policy of the Belarusian authorities and certain actions of the local nomenklatura. Decision about who will be the candidate and deputy from one or another country, and partly taken at the local level. And here the local nomenklatura, which received full card blanche, decided not to play not only with the candidates, and even with the existing MPs, which they once supported. "
The new parliament will begin work as explained Lidia Yermoshina now, not later than 30 days after September 28. And on Thursday, 2 October, at its last session going current deputies. She wants to see the 40 questions, chief among them — the adoption of the draft budget for 2009.
Now in Minsk accomplished and press conference of election observers from the CIS. They stated that these elections do not correspond only to the Belarusian legislation, and international standards. A minor flaws, first of technological and organizational character, as stated by the CIS observers, could not affect the will of the people of Belarus.

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