A.Dobrovolsky: There is a certain insincerity in addressing Putin

"Quite exciting decision for me really suddenly — to become the first number in the list of the party that goes to parliament as president. Breathtakingly This is consistent with the constitution, as the president can not be a deputy.
This means that there is a certain insincerity in addressing Putin. Certainly, Putin wants to support the "United Russia", but has some doubts. I think, that he should not have them as an electoral machine in Russia is already working virtually in Belarus, the only there still somehow find voice.
"One Our homeland" and so have passed. And Putin drew closer to reality perspective. But there is one event.
Yeltsin also thought that he would leave, and he and Putin conditions, so be it. But after a few years, all these agreements are gone. Eltsynava "family" was an entirely different condition. So we’ll see … "
S.Byalkovski: "Putin has decided to stay. On the third, fourth, fifth time", 2.10.2007 • "Voluntarily leave the post — not in the Russian tradition", 2.10.2007

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