A.Milinkevich about democracy, about the opposition, about the radar

Karatkevich: What might be the results of such forums?
Milinkevich: some think that it is an empty waste of time and money that people are going to — day chatted and parted. But in the 1-x, attracts outstanding people — experts, former and current policy. And I think that is very fundamentally hear each other, because in the world of Internet communications as much live contact means a lot. I — for such forums.
Karatkevich: With whom you already had meetings scheduled with anyone else?
Milinkevich: There was a meeting with Madeline Albright, was also a working meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg. There will be more meetings, including behind the scenes, which is also of paramount importance. Especially since now on Belarus indeed there are two approaches. One — you need to put as before power conditions for cooperation with democratic countries, and I want such a position — no criterion can not. And second — the opposition weak, she quarreled, no partner to talk, means you need to go directly to the dictator and talk to him without any criterion. Error. Mistake, because it will just strengthen the regime. And we have to make to go to liberalization regime, democratization, if he really wants to cooperation.
Karatkevich: The main thesis of your speech — is that in Belarus there is a spirit of freedom and solidarity you ask — do not carry their standards of freedom in Belarus, Belarus and assist to build their freedom.
Milinkevich: Often they say that in the post-communist countries, people also do not know what freedom is, that maybe the spirit Teran these people — let them will live with him and do all usvoyut. But I wanted to say certain words on the example of the people who wrote to the websites that even people who did not live in the freedom of nature feels the need for it, and you can not divide people into freedom worthy or unworthy.
Karatkevich: Here you have said that the opposition had quarreled. Here you presented as favorite opposition, at least so figuriruete documents — not as a former candidate for the presidency, not as a control movement "For Freedom", and specifically as a favorite. What about the rest — the leaders of parties?
Milinkevich: I think that the favorites can call himself or different people may call them so. I am now — not the only candidate, as has been previously or only favorite — is not the point. That is not the amount of favorites, but the impact on our partners. And you can not lose those abilities. Often they say — what you drive to foreign countries, you need to work in the country. But it is such a rustic approach. Need and the country ride possible more, and travel abroad. Because I believe that and other favorites to be abroad and share their ideas. We need to influence the decisions that are taken in democratic countries.
Karatkevich: What is your forecast for the Euro Marsha? Will it be massive?
Milinkevich: Yes, the hunt to a lot of people came, because for me it is: people came and showed: "And we want to be Europeans, we are the Europeans. Though difficult to predict the number and I do not want to be a prophet. Simply invite all . Anyone who listens to Radio Liberty — please come, we must show that we are, that we — force. not oversleep today. This is a demonstration and discover themselves, and those people, who are thinking about democracy in Belarus abroad.
Karatkevich: A couple of general policy issues. Not so long ago the Prime Minister» er Topolanek of the Czech Republic, speaking on our radio, said that the West should put pressure on Russia. In the context of recent developments in Russia, where the authorities absolutisation maybe configuration will be in the constitution, "the prime minister under the» EPA" stifled opposition — you can continue to talk about the constructive dialogue with the Russian authorities today?
Milinkevich: I think dialogue should be with the Russian authorities, and with the Belarusian authorities. Just do not hide problems. When we we see, that doing somethingnot smiling — behold the Western countries — they need to be honest about it read. Can not be done so that if a country from which we depend energetically, so you need to keep quiet. That would be a mistake for the West. In Russia really sur» severe prepyadstviya with democracy, the media, the electoral system, political monopolization. This, of course, an internal affair of Russia, and we can only read about our moral position. The same should be doing and Europe.
Karatkevich: We had to break the interview — you had a meeting in principle. With who?
Milinkevich: This Governor General of Canada, Mrs. Jean — a very handsome man. Yesterday, she gave a speech that I was deeply impressed — there were pluses and feeling, and a sense of democracy.
Karatkevich: What intrigued her in the meeting with you?
Milinkevich: She thanked him for my speech, said that she had impressed her and that Canada will continue to support the civilian society in Belarus, particularly media-independent — malehankih newspapers, we had read about it and it is very basic. I said to her that no matter how much you can do, basically, what you it mattersete. We need to get as many countries were together with us, to democracy in Belarus.
Karatkevich: Since you represent Belarus in such a large forum where participating known eminent politicians of the world — how do you feel about this debate about the placement of the South American radar on the ground of the former Eastern Europe?
Milinkevich: I personally am relaxed. I believe that, in the 1-x, it’s defensive measures, it is not the beginning of anger against anyone — it protects their own. Raised hype I do not divide fully — Poland and the Czech Republic have the right to such things. All the same, terrorism — indeed a great danger for around the world, and that they cooperate with the United States in this area — I think this is normal.

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