A.Milinkevich: European Integration Council will expand

"European Integration — a transition to European values"
According to Alexander Milinkevich Council created and there were no critical comments from the participants. Politicians and experts will work 4 directions. This information is also analytical — development programs of the European integration of Belarus; educational for the public favorites that will be able to rule in a free Belarus. And fourth direction — support another culture. In the midst of those who entered the council Vyacheslav Pozniak, Lyudmila Hraznova Tatiana Protko, Pavel Morozov, Ivan Nikitchanka Mike Zaleski, Peter Martsau — only about 30 people.
Alexander Milinkevich explained:
"This is not business, it’s advice. And we will expand, especially when we start to work on many fronts. There is no limit. Will invite people who wish to and can be.
This is not a NGO, is not a party, is not a movement. This group of people, that have one goal — to wish the integration of Belarus into Europe. They have a great mental and organizational capacity.
We are aware of European integration is not just an act of accession to the EU. Must seek to join — is yes. But European integration — a transition to European values. This European economic development, social guarantees and so on. This shift of values, and it can be done even in the criteria of the dictatorship and even more so free in Belarus. This process is difficult, complex, and we need to join forces to make it faster. "
European integration has pleased create severe applets and documents relating to the euro vision Belarus. Now taken as the base position on the Board of the European integration and the Declaration euros choice of Belarus.
"There are prospects in this structure, if we move away from the ordinary Belarusian jealousy"
One of the participants of the meeting activist BSDP (Gromada), lawyer Igor Rynkevich said:
"I think our demonstration praevrapeyskastsi was very concept. There were a few areas, divided into metaphysics and technologist. But all people are basically mixed in efficient operation. And, of course, that the favorite of this council and its chairman will be Alexander Milinkevich. I think that there are prospects in this structure, if we move away from this ordinary Belarusian jealousy who best who monopolist some ideas.
Fascinating to me not only the public side, and some political. After all, people really expect the victory of democratic forces, and if such a structure would help, approach this victory, it is very fundamentally.
Not rule out that a public initiative "Belarus — the Council of Europe", in time supported in February and Milinkevich and Kozulin, and 80 public figures can be, will find specific implementation in the framework of European integration created Rada. "
• A.Milinkevich makes European Integration Council, 04.10.2007

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