A.Potupa: sale Velcom — multistage speculative transaction?

In vserasprostranennom statement "Telekom Austria Group» specified: 70% of the shares of the first Belarusian mobile operator standard GSM "Mobile Digital Communications" will be bought in kipryyskay company "SB Telecom Ltd".
This is a contract for 702 million euros. With all this, the Austrian side trusts the end of 2010 to acquire the remaining 30% stake for 320 million euros. In Baksova equivalent total amount closer to 1.5 billion dollars.
Who has the real profits from the sale of "Velcom"?
Commercial exploitation of the brand "Velcom" started in Belarus in 1999. Kipryyskaya company initially was in the midst of the founders of the joint venture.
But gradually the Belarusian Government corrected the founders and acquired 51% stake in mobile operator. In August, the government again resold its share Cypriots.
Chairman of the Belarusian Union of businessmen, economist Alexander Patupa not exclude "multistage operations" in the case of resale of shares "digital mobile communication."
In August, none of the interested parties commented on aspects of the treaty, but, according to professionals, the amount of the contract is 300-400 millions of dollars.
Potupa believes that these funds have gone on to make up the debt for gas to Russian concern "Gazprom" and just this fact was caused haste with the sale of municipal actions. According Potupa, "SB Telecom" for several months received 50% of the profits:
"Honestly read, then you need to know right: who is the owner of" kipryyskaga offshore "(sorry for the terminology), as companies which is presently buying these shares at different prices. It is possible that it was an ordinary speculative transaction.
I believe that the council sold the package (it is a personal payment) is less than the real market value of one and a half times. Now we litsezreem any consequences of the operation. From time to time such transactions order or other way occur as a multistage operation.
Public would not necessarily need to know, but soon becomes a subsequent, second step, and maybe even third. And already whereupon you can try to consider: who to Actually from all this had an income. "
Indeed whether the Belarusian market is attractive for the Austrians?
Overboard was once a real contender for the shares "Velcom" — Russian company "VimpelCom" (brand "Beeline").
It is clear that such operations in Belarusian criteria agreed at the top. Many believe that to ignore the Russian proposal and resulted in a general cooling of the Belarusian-Russian relations.
It is possible that in the Minsk office "Mobile Digital Communications" soon there will be staffing configuration. It is reported that staff at all positions of responsibility will appoint management "Telekom Austria".
Because in the case of the sale of shares of municipal Cypriots in August, representatives of the "Mobile Digital Communications" does not comment on the latest deal. There is no notification of this occasion and on the web site "Velcom".
According to the beginning of September, the number of users of mobile communication standard GSM in Belarus totaled 6 million 673 thousand people. Of their subscribers "Mobile Digital Communications" — 2 million 835 thousand.

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