A.Sannikav: In Europe expect a positive signal

Issue an official permit for the "Euro march" city bureaucrats can be given within a day or. Under Belarusian law, permission to hold a mass action must given no later than 5 days before the date of the action. Minsk city executive committee runs until the second evening. Earlier hours will be no formal resolution, the action will be considered unauthorized.
"For a lot of interviews and distributed informational materials to cancel something. Event will take place in the stated time — 14 hours from October 14 to October Square library. Only authorities able to do — is to allow and not to hinder, least. Then they will be able to show that they have taken the path of restructuring, "- says the chairman of the Organizing Committee for the" Euro march "Viktor Ivashkevich.
Coordinator civilian initiative "Charter’97" Andrei Sannikov said:
"Now the authorities depends on how to solve this question, because the question is not in the" European march ", not in the opposition demonstrations, but in general question about the relationship between Belarus and Europe. I think that the reaction will be, respectively. In Europe expect a positive signal. It is still possible to do. I think there is time to decide this question. We are ready for this. We did the negotiating team, sent the appropriate inquiries and negotiate with government officials. "

"The event will be held at the stated time — 14 hours from October 14 October Square to the library. "

Policemen in just three weeks before the mass rally began detaining youth activists who distribute informational materials. The police are a few 10’s EU flags, bandanas and blue T-shirts, newspapers and "For Freedom."
Several people were arrested in the courts for the distribution of disk imaging with a call to take part in an unsanctioned rally. Among them Sergei Klyuyev, Dmitry Barodka Alina Smooth, Leonid Novitsky, T. Vitali, Svetlana Gorokhovik Eugene Skrabutan and others.
Youth activists called on preventive conversations in the KGB. Employees of this department visited activists attending college and scare their negative consequences as a result of the role of the opposition campaign. In some schools require giving released with a promise not to participate in the "European march".
EU countries supported the "European march", 3.10.2007 • Inscription "Belarus — is sacred" offends public opinion, 4.10.2007

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