A.Tolstyko: officials takes envy of businessmen

Kalinowski: "Sp.Alyaksandar, you now also on strike?"
Taustyka: "I should like to clarify a little, it was essentially a strike-holiday business, as was a proposal to make October 2 prazdnichkom businessmen in Belarus, and of course, I participated in this prazdnichkom."
Kalinowski: "How did you celebrate your Zhdanovichi market, where do you work?"
Taustyka: "I can not speak exactly as I was in another place, and my friends and I celebrated entrepreneurs in the center of town."
"I believe that prazdnichek failed"
Kalinowski: "How about» was combined current strike celebration as united went entrepreneurs to defend their rights?"
Taustyka: "I believe that prazdnichek failed and true entrepreneurs essentially about» united, but we know that the situation in Belarus is: someone like white-red-white flag, someone — red and green, this can be observed in the midst of business … But we know exactly what Shumchanka and his "Perspective" does not support this prazdnichek, although once called themselves: "Come to us, support." They themselves consider themselves businessmen, but this prazdnichek they did not support. "
Kalinowski: "They shtrekbrehery you think?"
Taustyka: "I do not know whether you can call them scab …"
Kalinowski: "Sp.Makaev, at least, as referred to Anatolia Shumchanka …"
Taustyka: "Then we have referred."
"Bureaucrats can receive power from, and entrepreneurs do not?"
Kalinowski: "But the head of the Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Kalinowski business now in communication said that entrepreneurs" on Meares and drive buying apartments. "Tell me, do you also have a few apartments and mercedes?"
Taustyka: "No, no, I’ll drive a German car" Opel Vektra "1995 release. But most importantly, that in fact already sp.Kalinovski as an investigator is interested in this, and it takes some envy — if a person earned funds the fact that he should not receive for himself "Mercedes" or the same apartment? Bureaucrats of power it can take, and entrepreneurs do not? "
Kalinowski: "It just means that you do not have no problems, so that you and the rich will be able to pay more …"
Taustyka: "I believe that we, the people who trade, the rich not only the means, and the fact that we have formed trade, we have seven» and — there is a saying that he who has more kids, one wealthy person in the world. In our families a lot of kids, and they are educated grow up. "
Kalinowski: "And you have how many kids?"
Taustyka: "I have two."
"Area Kalinowski did entrepreneurs"
Kalinowski: "One of the guests of the forum TUT.by saw about your current prazdnichka:" It turns out that 30 tyscham was necessary, as we stood on the square Kalinowski in March last year. And then here, awake … "What is your reaction to such a throw?"
Taustyka: "I can not answer this man — I also felt sorry for Kalinowski area, but it did entrepreneurs, and thanks to them, I say this with great honor those tents that were there were from business and support was from businessmen. "
Kalinowski: "And you were there in person?"
Taustyka: "Of course."
Kalinowski: "Either you agree with the views of some citizens of Minsk that the effect of the strike and never will be?"
Taustyka: "I will say this: if the sovereign Kalinowski, who was not invited to this prazdnichek, he came to this place, you realize this is a step on the part of the authorities. He offered to hold any talks with businessmen and promised to resolve any questions are all the same — I think that this is a small victory, but this victory gives little besides more like victory. And we appealed to the commission at the House of Representatives with a proposal to make a law on small and medium business, and we also would expect there to lead — maybe even the deputies in his last days of work will support us and create something … "
"We have been to some of Minutka» combined with the same police officers …"
Kalinowski: "You — one of the heroes of the movie" The Lessons of the Belarusian language. "NOT remember how you were shown in this movie?"
Taustyka: "In fact, I do not aim to be one of the main characters of this movie, but I hit the shot, and it came out very clear, because I really talked to people there in Belarusian, real Belarusians, who are also worried about the these actions … At that moment, which is listed in the movie, my friends and I went out of our tent purchased fried chicken, nothing else could come up with, thought that it would be very good in the cool evening …
In the first days of the act of law enforcement agencies were not so single-minded — everyone was a question that further, that will after a while, and maybe we were on some Minutka» combined with the same policemen … I think it was, and we used this time. "
"I’m collecting money for a year, so take the family on vacation» w …"
Kalinowski: "Tell what business you are in, is profitable to you and it does not interfere with power for you?"
Taustyka: "Naturally, this thing can not be called … As any business, we are passionate about selling equipment to computer technology, we have a point in Zhdanovichy."
Kalinowski: "You can live with this?"
Taustyka: "To exist is possible, but in fact I collect funds for a year, so take your summer SNM w» on vacation …"

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