Ales Atroschankau sentenced to 10 days

Cuddya Tatiana Paulyuchuk had spent on this case over two o’clock the night time, when the working day in municipal institutions (excluding the Central district court of Minsk) has already ended. Lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya closing speech said, that the case of Ales Atroschankau revealing. "Who allowed the European March and I hope that your sentence will demonstrate independence of the court," — said the patron activist. Within minutes present listened sentence Ales Atroshchenkovym 10 days of administrative arrest. Tatiana Paulyuchuk referee felt that eyewitness testimony of policemen present, but the evidence in favor of an activist there helping him avoid responsibility.
As evidenced by the police from the Central district department?
Evening October 9th they were told that the apartment rented by Ales Atroschankau Tipo "comes putrid smell." "We did not come to the place, but not found the corpse. The apartment was already working team of investigators. Atroschankau Then we were lucky in rayadel for identification, and he swore to our the address", — told the court police officer Dmitry Kurilchuk.
His collaborator Anatoly Sushchenya also read about the corpse, but the least conviction: "At the entrance was a unpleasant odor may be putrid, but everybody in the apartment was clean. "Why activist drove to the police department, although his wife showed all the documents are not explained to the policeman. According to Anatoly SUSHCHENYA detained"behaved cheeky and waving his arms. "
Ales Atroschankau wife Darya Korsak beheld actions differently. She testified that her husband was no foul language when he was taken out of the house, and at this moment on hugged her goodbye. Half an hour later the young lady uttered district department that has not yet been invented, whereby Article detained her husband. Daria also assured that she suffered from the 1st of the officers: "I read that I can look at a spouse and my passport, but he pushed my leg especially steel doors."
Ales Atroschankau referred allegations absurd. Activist recalled that the first police broke into his apartment through a window. Such acts Ales Atroshchanka explained to execution of the order "at any cost to prevent the Euro march": "Against the background of a dialogue that offers the opposition, such acts show that there are at the mercy of groups that are sabotaging all sensible suggestions and the authorities and the opposition."
Policemen forbade relatives and friends of Alexander Atroschankau give him warm clothes and food.

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