Alexander Milinkevich spoke at the Forum 2000

At lunch Alexander Milinkevich met and debated with former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright.
General enthusiasm for the topics on the forum Belarusian emergency. I was an eyewitness, as young students discussed Milinkevich performance. Around the palace stands billboard with photos of Dmitry Zavadsky. Caption — Belarus. A billboard near Tibet.
Alexander Milinkevich spoke from the rostrum of the forum. Read French politician.
Belarusian politician also said that Russian heritage and leaves people more demoralized in Belarus, but the spirit of freedom alive, especially among young people.
2006 changed the situation, people feel hope and continue to take to the streets to get closer to Europe.
At the end of the speech of sensual Milinkevich said that "freedom — it’s an honor, freedom — is accountable to God." He urged those present to assist freedom in Belarus — "not to transfer to us your freedom, and to build our assist."
Now after dinner discussion forum will be held "Human rights in Belarus, "and in the evening Milinkevich be awarded the prize the Hanno R. Ellenbogen, which plans to transfer politician Paul Seviarynets.
Details — later on the website and in the evening radio program.

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